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Anal Sex Toys

Quality Anal Sex Toys from Extreme Restraints

Not only are gay men enjoying anal sex, but men and women of all walks of life are getting into good anal sex these days. Why? Because a good ass fucking feels good; plus it's highly arousing to perform anal sex due to its taboo nature.

The anus is very sensitive and feels wonderful when penetrated. Anal sex for men gives them great male g-spot stimulation of the prostate which is located a couple inches inside the rectum. The woman's g-spot is stimulated indirectly through anal sex as well.

Sex toys are very useful for anal sex. Butt plugs and anal dildos are good anal toys to experience anal sex. Strap-on dildo harnesses give men the satisfying power of two dicks to fuck a man in the ass. Electrosex accessories are also a fun way to electrify your anal sex. Whatever your pleasure, just make sure you use plenty of Lube because the anus is not self lubricating like the vagina.