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A Secret to Share: A Guide to Lingerie

Lingerie is the clothing version of an engraved invitation to a special intimate encounter. A ho hum evening at home can become an occasion for celebration when you send a welcoming message by putting on something with the express intent of seducing your lover. Making an appearance in the living room wearing nothing but a lacy bra and panties with your partner’s favorite beverage in your hand will let the object of your lust know that you are interested in having sex and that you would like for them to join you.


Dressing up a little and blatantly initiating a sexual encounter will make you feel hot. Whether your preference is a sweet and romantic babydoll nightie or a racy pair of thigh highs with a sexy garter, lingerie can set the tone for a very enjoyable sexual experience. Your partner will appreciate your effort in initiating sexual pleasure. Being pursued makes the other person feel wanted and desirable. People who feel wanted are great lovers.

Lingerie is something that you can enjoy alone as well, as an autoerotic delight. Many items of intimate apparel are made from sensual silky fabrics. They feel good against your skin. Some of these items are trimmed in rougher fabrics like lace, or may be made entirely of lace. Rougher fabrics can be sensual as well, making you more aware of your body and reminding you that you are wearing something sexy as it rubs against your skin.

Feeling sexy is the first step to being sexy. Wearing pretty or racy lingerie items alone or with your sexual partner will boost your self esteem. Being a confident lover will make you great in bed (and other places too). Dollar for dollar lingerie is a great investment. Buying it for yourself reminds you that you are a desirable and sexy person. Pretty lingerie works as a sexual enhancement by reminding your partner how attractive and hot you are.  Lingerie opens the door to many possibilities for steamy and romantic sex and you never have to say a word.

Below are some definitions of a few lingerie terms and some tips on how to select flattering lingerie-

Every body is different. These are some guidelines to help you find what sort of lingerie is going to enhance the attributes you would like to have noticed and downplay those you don’t like as much. If you wish to downplay small breasts, choose things that will draw eyes to your fabulous butt or show off your sexy legs with garters and stockings. If you feel like your breasts are too large or if they are sagging, try things that has underwires to lift your breasts and enhance their appearance or use spandex materials to minimize them. If your belly is not as toned as you would like, wear things that show off your bottom, legs and breasts. To minimize wide hips, try a looser fitting gown that plays up your bustline and also offers some coverage in your lower body.


Baby doll- This hip length gown is sometimes fitted on top and may feature underwire cups with spaghetti straps. This little gown is often paired with matching panties.


Bustier- a strapless bra that lifts the breasts and makes them look great! The bustier also covers the midsection to the waist and sometimes a little lower. They come with and without garters. A bustier can be worn with pants or skirts and under jackets or blouses, it makes a really sexy top.


Camisole- waist length top. Camis come in a variety of fabrics from jersey to silk. This item is a “slip for shirts” when worn under a blouse or sweater. It can also be worn under a blazer or jacket. A very flattering item when worn with or without matching panties.


Chemise- a summertime favorite. This spaghetti strap gown falls just above the knee and is often paired with a matching silky robe.


Corset- very sexy item of lingerie. Usually constructed of a silky material and reinforced with “boning”. Tightening the laces in the back will cinch in the waist and lift the breasts. Some corsets have garters attached.


Garter Belt- this item is usually lacy and worn around the waist. There are 4-8 straps attached to this device that is used to hold up thigh high stocking or hosiery.


Teddy-similar in structure to a one piece swimsuit. It is usually low cut in the front and often has a thong style back. There are many variations on this item and it is easy to find one to flatter all body types.


Thongs and G string panties- these tiny undergarments have been called ‘butt floss” in reference to the thin strip of cloth or string that makes up the back of the panty. The Front of this garment is usually a silky or lacy triangle of cloth.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoseur