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A Guide to Vibrators and Vibrating Sex Toys

Rabbit VibratorsVibrators have been around as a sexual aid since 1902 when Hamilton Beach created the first electrical vibrator. The electrical vibrator was around before the vacuum cleaner or the iron. It seems that Hamilton Beach had it’s priorities in place back in the early 1900’s. The electric vibrator or personal massager still enjoys popularity today over 100 years later. The Hitachi Magic Wand is still a top seller in many adult toy stores. With advancements in technology we now have a variety of lighter weight battery operated sexual enhancers to choose from as well.

There are basic slimline vibrators like the Vibe Me Pleasure Vibrator that are mainly designed for clitoral stimulation, but their shape makes them insertable as well. These types of vibrators usually offer several different speeds so that you may enjoy many different intensity levels of sexual pleasure. For hands-free clitoral stimulation you can try out a variety of vibrating eggs or bullet vibrators. These small but mighty sex aids can be placed against the clitoris and is either remote or radio controlled. This allows you or your lover to control the vibration speed of the egg and frees your hands to do other things.

Rabbit vibrators enjoy an iconic popularity since it was the vibrator of choice for Miranda and subsequently Charlotte in an episode of the popular HBO series Sex and the City. In the episode Miranda introduced Charlotte to the multi functional rabbit pearl vibrator and improved her life. The Rabbit was popular in its own right even before its celebrity debut. These vibrators have gyrating heads, adjustable clitoral stimulation, gyrating shafts for sublime vaginal stimulation, and rows of spinning pearls to caress the gspot or rub the area just outside of your vagina.

The Rabbit is made by Vibratex and The Rabbit Pearl now has many other vibrators in its family. There is the Jack Rabbit Vibrator with its remote control feature, the petite Ooh La La Rabbit Vibrator comes with a pretty pink blindfold, advanced use experience cards and a Do Not Disturb sign. There are high tech rabbits available as well. The Talking Head MP3 Rabbit Vibrator is a delightful pairing of a quality sex toy and new technology. This rabbit vibe will play pre recorded sexy phrases, or original voice recordings (it’s the next best thing to being there) to enhance your experience. It comes with earphones for the discreet listener. The Internet Enabled Rabbit Vibrator offers an innovative online dating community, The Internet Rabbit is also the perfect sexual aid for people involved in a long distance relationship or who have a demanding travel schedule.

There are many unique vibrators. Some of them can be worn in public and are remote controlled. There are vibrating panties, and the wearable Butterfly Vibrator which you can enjoy in public or at home, with your partner or alone. Some vibes are just plain cute; like the Rub My Duckie waterproof tub toy that can make bath time even more fun and relaxing. There are ticklers which look like bunnies and dolphins that are adorable to look at and even more loveable when they are put to good use. The lipstick vibrator is a great way to keep a sex toy on hand for those times you are on the go and just want to take a moment to relax. There are cock ring vibrators, tongue vibrators and vibrators that you pair up with your Ipod or cell phone. The pleasurable possibilities are endless these days. With so many good options it may be hard to select just one sex toy; the good news is that you don’t have to limit yourself.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoseur