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Arsenal Metal Tunnel Plug with Removable Core

SKU: AE540

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Arsenal Metal Tunnel Plug with Removable Core

SKU: AE540

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Hollow out that ass and fill it to the brim!... Read more...


Hollow out that ass and fill it to the brim!

If you're into enema play, or if you've ever just wanted to expose your partner's insides, this unique metal plug is for you! Easily insert this smooth device, which is perfect for temperature play, and then unscrew the core to open up that hole for you to put whatever you want inside! Alternatively, you could keep the core in and add weight, ropes, or chains to the ring at the end. The possibilities are endless! This durable device will last through all your most devious fantasies.


>"Keep your ass up high in the air," I tell her, giving it a quick smack. She's on her hands and knees with the Arsenal Metal Tunnel Plug lodged in her ass. It was in the refrigerator all day, so it's still cold inside her. She shivers in pleasure every so often and it makes me want to fuck her right there with the plug inside her, really fill her up. But I have other things in mind. I begin unscrewing the removable core of the plug and she squeals as her insides are opened up to the air. "Stay there... I'll be right back." I take a look at her as I back away, on her hands and knees with her back arched and her ass sticking up, invitingly. When I return, she's shivering again and I give her ass a couple more slaps before lining up the pitcher of warm water. "Okay, I'm gonna fill you up a bit more," I warn her, and then begin pouring the warm water through the open hole of the cold plug. She moans louder and louder until I decide that's enough water and I replace the core again. "Now, let's see how long you can hold that in for."

Arsenal Metal Tunnel Plug with Removable Core Specifications:

  • Measurements: 3.25 inches in total length, 2.75 insertable, 1.35 inches in diameter
  • Material: Metal
  • Can be heated or cooled for temperature play
  • Removable core so you can have access to the inside of your partner
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