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Strict Leather Premium Armbinders


Strict Leather Premium Armbinders Strict Leather Premium Armbinders Strict Leather Premium Armbinders Strict Leather Premium Armbinders
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Premium Leather Arm Binders - Strict Bondage!

These sleeves are made of garment leather while the binders are secured to the body with 2 buckling adjustable leather straps. This items forces the arms close together behind the back. As an added bonus, there is a D-Ring attached to the end of the Arm Binders, allowing you to attach them to other objects if desired!

  • 23 inches wide at the top and 26 inches in length.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 24 March, 2012 by Debbie Wales

    Hubby and I love these. We just used them as a type of hogtie before but now we have incorporated them with other toys. Last night when I got home from work hubby was waiting fot me and put a collar on me when I got in the door. He took me through to our garage/playroom and fastened it to an upright pole that we have fixed. He then took off my blouse and pulled my nipple rings through my peephole bra and fastened a chain from left nipple around the pole and onto my right. He then pulled my arms behind me and fastened the armbinders on so my arms were behind the pole. My ankles,stillclad in my knee length boots were fastened to one of your spreader bars at the bottom of the pole. He then pushed my knickers aside and made a hole in my tights and inserted a dildo into my now dripping fanny and held this in place with a clamp attached to the pole.I was then ballgagged and blind folded around the pole.Now I was impaled by my fanny and to the pole by my eyes,mouth,tits ankles and thanks to the armbinder by my arms.Het hen used our magic wand on me especialy where the material of my tights and bra was pulled tight and very quickly I started to come.As my legs started to shake with the orgasms the dildo went ever higher in me which made the orgasms even greater.I WAS IN HEAVEN!! Evenually he stopped and released me but as soon I stepped away from the pole he quickly put the arm binder on again so that I couldnt escape and then shagged me hard on the bed.It WAS GREAT.All told I kept it on for about 3 hours and found impossible to escape but reasonably comfy and i makes a great addition to our playroom.5 stars Both of us love the way it pushes my tits foward when its used.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 22 October, 2011 by jordan davis

    as a escort in nyc i have a client who is a strict dom and has many toys from this website but these armbinder will keep your arms nice and tight plus keps my tits sticking out for nipple clamps ,so he able to fuck and punish me any way he likes for long sessions, even over night and when he adds a hood and ring gag i stand no chance of freedom

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    Reviewed: Thursday 06 May, 2010 by Bill S.

    We'd read elsewhere that armbinders can be uncomfortable or even harmful for more than brief wear. That hasn't been the case with this one. It's not elbow-touching tight, so my fiancee is able to wear it for extended periods. She'd give it two thumbs up if she could ;-)

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    Reviewed: Sunday 09 November, 2008 by jenny jones

    i brought this for my slave and she like me to put her in it and keep her there for the night and sometimes a couple of days at a time, brilliant peice of equipment

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 29 April, 2008 by english sub

    oh wow this is one of the best ways to bind arms once you are in you cannot escape goes great when hogtied or when bound to yourself. my mistress has recently added this to her collection and she thinks it will serve its use to stop me stroking my member and also as an added torment she uses a vibrator up the arse and i cannot reach it. Great Product E.R.

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