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Strict Leather Bicep Arm Binders


Strict Leather Bicep Arm Binders Strict Leather Bicep Arm Binders Strict Leather Bicep Arm Binders Strict Leather Bicep Arm Binders
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Leather Bicep Arm Binders keep their arms in place

These are great at keeping the arms pulled tight behind the back. The heavy duty leather pulls the biceps together as the armbinders force the chest outward. Our bicep binders can be used in conjunction with our leather wrist restraints for additional security.

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Reviewed: Friday 29 May, 2015 by J Riveria

Really great item. Put this on my wife and it forced her tits out for a lot of pain/fun. It made her totally helpless and allowed me to position her on her back so her head was hanging off our bed. I fucked her throat and she tried fighting but it was no use. I pounded her mouth pretty hard and shot my load down her throat. When she finished choking and coughing she said she wanted more!

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Reviewed: Sunday 04 May, 2014 by Anonymous

My girlfriend bought one of those arm binders and handcuffs and surprised me last night. We started role playing. I was her slave and she was my queen. I could barely move my arms around. This product really works on all arm sizes. Needless to say I had a great time last night if you know what I mean. I would recommend this product to any couple who wants to role play or take their relationship to the next level.

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Reviewed: Saturday 27 November, 2010 by Sean Slave

HINT: Add Leather Wrist Cuffs, and Lock them to the 'O' Rings, Too! Added Fun!

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Reviewed: Thursday 29 May, 2008 by Paul Towers

I would like to see WWE John Cena wear this Bicep Arm Binders and brought before King Booker to kiss his royal feet.

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Reviewed: Thursday 13 April, 2006 by Master Payne

This is perfect for using on female slaves who are humiliated by being put on display. Add an ankle spreader bar, and you can add to their humiliation by showing how wet they get from being on display. I also use your wrist-to-thigh restraint to prevent my slave wife from attempting to use her hands to cover the "Slave" tattoo that is just above her pussy.

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