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3pc Intro to Impact Spanking Kit

SKU: AE709

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3pc Intro to Impact Spanking Kit

SKU: AE709

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Experiment with three unique sensations of impact play!...


Experiment with three unique sensations of impact play!

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Find out what kind of pain brings you the most pleasure! Whether you're new to impact play or just want options, this three-piece kit allows you to delight in the classics of S&M. The flogger consists of many small tails to spread out for a stinging sensation that will make you gasp! Try out the crop for a quick, sharp bite against the flesh, easily controlled for many soft or harsh swings. Finally, the slapper has three layers of leather for a loud and dramatic crack with every blow. Its bark is worse than its bite, but this bad boy will still leave you with a pink ass for your partner's pleasure. Each of these three instruments offers its own unique sensation for you to explore and decide what gets you off!


She's wanted me to hit her with more than just my hand for a while now. I love spanking her. Listening to her gasp and moan and sometimes shout. I love the way it turns her ass bright red. But we're both ready to try something new. I got the 3 Piece Spanking Kit as a surprise, so when she opens it she blushes almost as dark as I'm about to turn her ass. With a devious grin she stands up and pulls her panties down under her dress. I stand up and roughly bend her over the bed, lifting up the skirt of her dress and running my hand between her legs to feel her wet sex. I give her ass a couple cursory spankings with my hand and then grab the first device. "That was very bad of you to take of your panties like that," I tell her, "So now I have to punish you." I swing the flogger against her ass, making sure that only the ends of the tails hit her asscheeks. She gasps and I swing it a few more times to elicit the same delicious reaction. I switch to the next device: the crop. "Hold your dress up, you naughty girl." She obliges and I take a step back to flick the crop on her upper thighs and all around her ass, sometimes hitting the same spot as she cries out in pleasure. Little red spots show up wherever the crop smacks down. Finally, I switch to the slapper paddle, and I give it a hard slap against my hand so she can hear how loud it is. It has the desired effect. She startles so much that she drops her dress. "Pick it back up. I'm going to hit you with this and when I'm done you can tell me which one you want me to punish you with for that."

Intro to Impact 3 Piece Spanking Kit Specifications:

  • Measurements: Flogger: 20 inches in length, 1.15 inches in diameter; Crop: 17.5 inches in length; Slapper: 12.5 inches in total length and 2 inches wide
  • Material: Leather, metal, plastic
  • Note: Kit includes flogger, crop, and slapper
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