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Hitachi Magic Wand


Hitachi Magic Wand Hitachi Magic Wand Hitachi Magic Wand Hitachi Magic Wand
$69.95 $54.95
Rating: (98 reviews)
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Hitachi Magic Wand, Powerful Vibrator

For over 30 years, the Hitachi has set the standard for personal hand-held massagers. The soft spherical head gives a soothing massage, operated by a two speed switch located on the Wand's slender handle. Unlike cordless style massagers, the Magic Wand's strong electric motor is powered using a standard cord/plug, providing a constant power source for those extended massage sessions.

Warning: used on the right areas this device can create excessive pleasure! Some women swear that this is one of the best sexually stimulating devices on the market.

Note: Picture shows the wand with 2 exciting accessories for greater pleasure. Head attachments are an option and can be ordered with the wand or separately.


  • Operates on 110 - 120 volts.
  • Two speeds: 6000/5000 rpm.
  • 24W high speed consumption.
  • 20W low speed consumption.
  • Weight: 1.28 lbs.

12 month full warranty included.

Note: The Hitachi magic wand have been re-named by the manufacturer to Magic Wand. The product is identical other than the name and packaging.

* Credits: The video footage is from the movie "Whipped Ass #28 by"

Note: For North American use only, on 110-120 volts. Do not use with a voltage converter. We only ship this wand within North America.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 03 March, 2015 by Jennifer Rudd

I bought this after many years of wanting one, an it completely exceeded my expectations!! I've never cum so hard so quickly. Even going twice within 5 minutes. I am completely in love with the Hitachi magic wand. I will never buy another vibrator. I also used it on a male friend of mine while he was using a pussy stroker, and it said it doubled the pleasure. We will defiantly be using this in the future :)

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Reviewed: Friday 06 February, 2015 by Kellys Bitch

OMG!!! Ordered this for my wife. When it arrived I put it on her pillow. She called me to our bedroom and told me to lock the doors. I turned it on and put it between her legs and the first words from her mouth was "OH MY GOD". We started it on high but after only a few seconds had to turn it down to low. After about 2 minutes she was cumming harder the she ever had. She kept it there for another 30 seconds before she could take no more and was shaking and quivering. 1 minute later she had it on her clit again and had the first ever second orgasm in the same session. The next night she told me to get it out and she used it on my chastity cage and had me cumming in no time. She then said that she may as well use it herself and had another earthshaking orgasm. While using it she told me that it had to go and it was dangerous and that we may as well throw away her other 2 vibrators as she had the most satisfied smile on her face. I am sure we will be using it for a very long time.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 03 September, 2014 by bareback rider

I made a mistake first time I used it on my wife . we were doggy style and I was in her ass when I turned the wand on her pussy . she went nuts ! clamped down on my cock that I thought it was cut off . . she loves it and after twenty minutes of it and countless orgasms all she wants is my cock .

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 May, 2014 by K. G.

AMAZING... My wife loves to be bound and blindfolded... After adding the curved accessory I shoved it up against her clit... Between the gasps and moans I heard her say "I can see why the porn stars love this thing"... The great thing for me was that I got to watch her being out of control and when she was about to cum she begged for my cock to finish the job...

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Reviewed: Thursday 05 December, 2013 by K Pi

*The box to this product states "Designed in Japan/Made in China" *It has a removable foam head. 60Hz 10W 25 minute Massager HV-260 *It did get hot during first use after 10 minutes. *It did the job These are my observations of this precise product from this site.

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