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Humiliator Gag - Toilet Brush Attachment


Humiliator Gag - Toilet Brush Attachment Humiliator Gag - Toilet Brush Attachment
$75.00 $45.00
Rating: (6 reviews)

When you have a sub and this Toilet Brush attachment, you can make sure that your bathroom remains tidy and clean. This attachment is designed for the Humiliator Gag designed by Scott Paul. When attached to the end of it, your sub becomes an instant human toilet scrub. The white bristled brush is the same style of brush you'd find anywhere for toilet cleaning, only this time it's attached to a 5" rod so that your sub will be sure of what they're being told to do.

Note: The blindfold is not included. This attachment is for use with the humiliator gag device (sold separately; see related items below).

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Reviewed: Wednesday 12 March, 2014 by alpha slave no. 564931

As an alpha slave it`s my job to make shear that everything is nice and clean for my master when he gets home. With this cleaning the toilet has never been easier. The other slaves have to put a lot of work to do this task. Makes master happy always. Best product ever.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 25 February, 2014 by Used Slut

My master puts this on me with my hands bound behind my back. If I don't clean the toilet well enough then he makes me clean the toilet while he pees on me. It's the most humiliating thing but I've gotten better at using it. However, he always finds the toilet not clean enough. We have 3 and a half bathrooms, so 4 toilets. Yeah I get pissed on a lot.

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Reviewed: Sunday 02 September, 2012 by Toilet Slave Duane

My Mistress reduces me to total obedience and humiliation by strapping this onto me and binding my arms behind me. She saves up a good pee and lets in out into the toilet just before she rwquires me to get to work, without being allowed to flush it. She has me working at cleaning the bowl and underneath the rim for about 20 minutes whilst i am intoxicated by the smell of her pee. When i think that i have done a fine job for her, she tells me off for not brushing the bottom of the bowl under the water. i get a slapped butt and she gently but firmly pushes my head lower into the bowl, so that i have to brush the base of the bowl, with my nose and the gag just in the water. I don't mind as her pee is nectar and being her toilet slave is such a turn on (i have a stiff prick for about half an hour whilst performing my duties). Finally, she flushes whilst holding the lid down and my face is washed and ready for my next task. i am a middle aged accountant and this is so out of character. I just love to be treated as lowly as this and be fully humiliated. The rubber gag prevents all communication from me and is tightly fitted around the back of my head. I am reduced to being a moving toilet brush for her and it is the highlight of my visit.

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Reviewed: Sunday 02 January, 2011 by Brad Luthan

My Mistress requires that i clean her toilets with the Humiliaor Toilet Brush. My face is almost in the toilet. I never miss a spot with this fine device. Here toilets have never been cleaner.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 15 October, 2008 by jenna beach

my master loves the humiliator gag but for slaves that dont listen its hard to use so my master said he is going to bild a toilet that will lock my head in it

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