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The Trinity Rocket Massager


$14.00 $5.95
Rating: (14 reviews)

Pocket Massager

This pocket-sized vibrator packs an enormous amount of power, despite using only one AA battery. These vibes are notorious for a reason! Four different attachment heads will create unique sensations against the clit, or any other body part you wish to target. Remove the cap, and enjoy the sensation of the naked metal vibrating against you. This rocket is four inches long, an astoundingly small size for such a strong stimulator.


I bought several of these Trinity Rocket Massagers to include in a gift bag for my best friend's bachelorette party. They were so cute, I couldn't resist getting one for myself as well. I'm completely surprised by how strong this thing is against my most sensitive parts! I use the spikey attachment to brush against my nipples, teasing me until I'm dripping wet. Then I chang it to the nubby attachment and slowly guid it down my body to my little clit. My knees begin to shake with arousal as I rub the toy against my vulva, brushing it against my labia and teasing my opening. It doesn't take long for me to reach that point where there's no going back. With a shout, I cum, hard against the toy, shuddering and jerking while my mind goes blank. When I'm done, my thighs are sticky and my body is limp. I know that my friends are going to love these.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 28 October, 2014 by Anonymous

This item is WONDERFUL. I am buying a second, it's so dandy. and my Master likes using it on me too! Wow, pin point buzzing on your clit. Who could ask for anything more??!! highly recommend

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Reviewed: Sunday 15 December, 2013 by Anonymous

I really liked this vibrator. Perhaps the only downsides is that it only has one speed and after around 4-5 uses it started rattling, making it louder than it already was. Overall, it's perfect for the clit and getting yourself hyped up.

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Reviewed: Sunday 20 January, 2013 by Anonymous

I was very impressed with this little massager. Absolutely perfect for clit stimulation. Just remember to get the batteries.

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Reviewed: Saturday 11 August, 2012 by Jacob Blain

Amazing product! feels so good and the different heads really work! although the metal "balls" are more like metal studs. The vibe isnt that quiet and only has one speed setting, that is my only problem. and it has some sharp edges, so be careful around sensitive bits untill you dull that down. Personally i love it, accidently bought two though lol. one was on the buyers gift and was called the aqua rocket. and then theres this one i bought aswell, hoping they were different, but they are THE EXACT SAME. So the aqua rocket is this rocket vibe.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 24 July, 2012 by Anonymous

Omg I love this rocket I'm very satisfied I squirted right away

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