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Leather Suspension Cuffs


Leather Suspension Cuffs Leather Suspension Cuffs Leather Suspension Cuffs Leather Suspension Cuffs
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Fleece Lined Suspension Cuffs

Quality leather cuffs with fleece lining. Very comfortable and durable. Approximately 9 inches from ring to wrist, these are designed for suspension use. These cuffs are a good value and are ideal for those that are curious about suspension play.


  • The cuffs measure 2.5" in width and 10" in length.
  • The straps where you hang the cuffs from measure 1" in width and 4.5" in length (from the cuff to the O-ring).
  • The buckle that binds the cuffs to the wrist can range anywhere from 7.5" in length to 11.5" in length.

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    Customer Reviews

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    5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Sub Jonk Date Added: Monday 15 October, 2012  
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    5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Chained Whore Date Added: Thursday 21 December, 2006  
    My husband got these for me as an early Christmas present. He had me strip, put them on my wrist, and chained me to a newly installed hook in the living room ceiling with my hands about chin height. He the blindfolded me and put on some loud music. I heard the front door open. Then I felt several hands on me, pinching, squeezing, spanking, and probing. When they talked, I couldn't make out who they were over the music. They pulled me back so that my hands were outstretched and spread my legs. As some of them held me in place, I was fucked from behind over and over in my wet and willing pussy. My husband didn't release me until after they left, so I have no idea who they were. These cuffs are sooo comfortable, I can't wait for hubbie to put them on me again.
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