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The Realistic Squirt Cock


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Enjoy realistic pleasures with the Realistic Squirt Cock!

While the pleasures of using a realistic dildo can be plentiful, imagine being able to use a realistic cock that also offers the sensation of ejaculation. The Realistic Squirt Cock offers this type of sensation so you can have a more complete experience.

Simply fill the included bulb with your favorite liquid and attach it to the cord that goes right into the dildo. When you're ready to experience that coming sensation, squeeze the bulb and the dildo will fill you right up. If you want to experience the enjoyment of ejaculation on your body, place the dildo wherever you wish and squeeze the bulb. The possibilities are endless.

The dildo uses a realistic look and feel so you can maintain the fantasy of being penetrated by a real cock. This also helps the fantasy when you use the ejaculation feature. The dildo also has a suction cup base, so you can mount it to your favorite flat surface and ride. This also helps when you just want to have the squirter in your hand and have your other hand free to massage various parts of your body.

The Realistic Squirt Cock Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 5" insertable length, 7.25" in total length and 2" in width
  • Material: Real-Feel Rubber
  • Use the included bulb to experience the sensation of ejaculation
  • Realistic look and feel keeps the fantasy of being penetrated by a real cock
  • Suction cup base allows for mounting on your favorite flat surface
  • Comes with a handy satin storage pouch

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Wednesday 24 June, 2015 by Anonymous

    My first thought, holy $hit thats big. I'm no newbie, but I guess I have a lot to learn (or train). To me the girth is too big to be realistic. I did manage to take this thing, but was operating solo, I wouldn't want someone else in control as I learned if my body could take it. That being said, it is very real feeling. The previous reviews and picture's show a different pump than what mine came with. Picture an inexpensive plastic shot canister, similar to what the doc uses to give you a shot, just way more inexpensive. It works good and with the tube fully installed I didn't have a problem with it falling off during play. Have to wait for the wife to get home to see how it works in a strap on situation. The whole squirt thing definitely ratchets the naughtiness up a notch for me. I'm curious to see the wife's thought's when she give's it a go. I plan to use it on her and roleplay creampie's as well as let her use it on me. Over all I'm happy with the purchase, would have preferred something a fair amount thinner.

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    Reviewed: Monday 12 May, 2014 by libido queen

    The bulb is worthless as is the tube-If you re-engineer it with a studier tube and bulb, it will work better..

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    Reviewed: Thursday 17 April, 2014 by elle km

    Hi this penis rocks ! It has a material i never had . It is as real as life. . It goes in easy and makes me hoot, horny and ... fill the bulb w olive oil and heavy cream .. YUMMM CUMM

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    Reviewed: Sunday 23 March, 2014 by jb eros

    after reading yr reviews i got this . Wow ! It.s so lifelike ! The bulb is useless but the dildoe rules! Put it in shower and suk it and fuk it ! Guaranteed O!

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    Reviewed: Thursday 07 November, 2013 by MD Slave

    My mistress demanded I purchase this cock for her when she learned I was not sore the day following a round of obedience training. She said I needed to know what it feels like to have a huge cock rammed in me and degraded by receiving a facial. This cock easily adapted to her strap on and the texture is very real! With the right amount of lube, she teased the tip in, and worked all of it inside me. If you are on receiving end, be prepared for panic and exhilaration as it enters you. As always, she was right that this huge cock was just what I needed in me. With the right mixture, she loves to squirt my ass and mouth full of her homemade cum. And if I'm very lucky, she uses my cum to defile my back and face. Just be sure to clean out everything when you're done (warm water is fine) so it's ready the next time your dominantrix demands your servitude. Recently she started deep throat training with me with this cock. It's flexible enough for her to bury it in my throat, yet hard enough to look very sexy hanging straight out from her strap on harness. And when she cums straight down my throat, the sensation can't be beat! It feels heavy in your hand, and fills your ass and mouth like a mistress's cock should. My mistress was elated when my ass was sore inside and out after this huge cock, and yours will be too.

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