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Penis Pump Cylinders


Penis Pump Cylinders Penis Pump Cylinders Penis Pump Cylinders
$48.00 $35.00
Rating: (10 reviews)
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Clear Acrylic Premium Penis Pump Cylinders

Each cylinder is hand crafted and made of the finest, industrial strength crystal clear acrylics. The cylinders are tapered toward the top to match the natural anatomy of your penis for maximum comfort.

No gaskets are required. Each cylinder contains a state-of-the-art air valve which allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder.

Most men will require the 2 inch diameter cylinder. If your equipment is leaning towards small we recommend the 1.75 diameter cylinder. Likewise, if you're above average the 2.25 cylinder would be your choice.

Note: Pump and tube are not included. See our Premium Penis Pump Kit below for a complete package.

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Customer Reviews

Viewing 5 of 10 Reviews
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Jerry Vestal Date Added: Friday 12 September, 2014  
Excellent cylinder, you can actually see the difference when pumping, as for making sure you don't suck in the balls while pumping, use a large, thick, soft-gel donut at the end of the cylinder, it helps immensely.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Steve Hil Date Added: Wednesday 14 May, 2014  
I got the 2.25 in cylcinder 6 months ago and did not use it much as my balls would suck in to tube and hurt like hell so I ordered the 2 in and it fits better and now I use it everyday and yes my cock is getting bigger and now I can fuck my girlfriend for hours.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Kirby Ammons Date Added: Sunday 20 October, 2013  
I am the proud owner of a 11.5 7 3\4 girth this pump extender exercises works. I do milking stroke 5 sets of 100 then I use the pump with light vacuum. I haven't heard anyone talk about the rice sock. Wear the extender all day lightly pull. My size ive heen exercising for 20 yrs Its like a body builder training you train yourself to be the size you like
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Heath K. Date Added: Friday 11 October, 2013  
I don't usually write reviews but I wanted to say a couple of things. First the product is very well made and actually works! I was a bit skeptical but figured it would be fun regardless. I didn't use it for very long the first time, but my wife said she felt a difference. I used it a couple of more times and still was disappointed on leaving it on for a few minutes each time. I finally found time and left it on for 15 minutes straight and wow, what a difference. I couldn't believe that was my cock in my hand, larger then I ever felt before! I'm going to keep pumping and see what happens to any permanent change but short term, it will rock her world. Secondly, when the product arrived, it was damages either in shipping or was a manufacture error and wouldn't hold pressure. I contacted support and explained the problem and without any hassle (I was complaining about a penis pump cylinder) they sent me a new one that is in perfect condition and works great.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Anon ymous Date Added: Tuesday 10 April, 2012  
Well as stated most think to get larger tube and not worry about it...well let's just say if you enjoy the pressure of Extreme tight pussy..??..well then this Hand pump system is amazing...I have had mine for about 2 months now...using it for days in a row not the best thing to start out with...not at all...every other second maybe 3rd day at first...I have not read any one using thiers in the bath tub...oh my is the only way and where to use it..insert yourself into the sleeve and put about 2-3 inches of water with you inside the sleeve..then press down to stop air leaks..mine doesn't have the rubber boots in the end of the sleeve tube...I have not tried them...but the water helps so much BUT don't get water in the pump that takes awhile to drain soft penis goes from 2 inches before pumping...(as you hand pump shake the sleeve so your penis doesn't stick to the side of tube)..within 5 pumps I am fully hard...amazing the first few times...waiting just minutes at first release air but don't remove your penis...repump it back up and enjoy 1/4 to 1/2 inch more right then and there...repeat several times waiting only minutes between...w/in in 15 minutes my penis was a nice 6.5 inch average but now seems to push the 8 inch mark...just last week I pumped before sex w/my women and my god I was about 1.5inch across laying flat on table...after just weeks and this is no lie...2.25 inch of MY OWN penis was inserted into her and she doesn't know I have been pumping...for less then dinner and a movie she claims it was the fullest she had ever felt in 6 is so worth it and the feeling of your own REAL penis in your hand..nearly doubled and if you think I'm wrong...take a roll of dimes and put it in your hand men....then take a roll of quarters....when i'm fully pumping I hope to feel like a roll of half dollars...BECAREFUL you should start no smaller then the second tube bigger then your full erected penis..DONT START SMALL AND TIGHT...WASTE OF MONEY...BUT AS STATED I BOUGHT THE 2.25...BE VERY CAREFUL IT WILL SUCK YOUR BALLS IN AND IT WILL FEEL NOT SO GOOD...REMEMBER..BATH TUB AND ADD WATER TO SEAL IT AND EXPAND YOUR TISSUE...MUCH BETTER THEN DRY...DONT ADD ALOT OF WATER BECAUSE IT ALSO RISES AS YOU PUMP...AS YOU MAX OUT YOUR PRESSURE..I HAVE NOT MADE IT PAST -15...but have left some bruising and LOTS of water gain around my penis head...takes about 24 hours to go back to normal...GUYS ONE LAST THING..JUST REMEMBER ITS NO DIFFERENT THEN A WOMEN GETTING BREAST IMPLANTS...W/NO SURGERY...MY WOMEN STILL DOESN'T KNOW HOW I MADE HER FEEL SO MUCH FULLER W/JUST MY PENIS...WELL HAD TO SAY IT WAS MY DEBIT CARD...BUT ITS CHEAP AND FORSURE A HIDDEN SECRET...I WOULD RATE THIS ITEM A FLIPPEN 10 IF I COULD...thanks for reading all this..peace
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