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Anatomical Penis Sheath


$19.50 $17.50
Rating: (17 reviews)

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Encase your cock and balls in the Rubber Penis Sheath

This wild looking sheath will make your cock and balls feel very nice when it stretches and pulls tight around you. Lube it up with Eros body glide for that hot shiney look. Can also be used to prevent urination since entire penis is encased. Makes a great gift.

Unstretched sizes are 1.5" diameter at the opening, and the penis shaft is 4.5" long.

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Reviewed: Monday 12 November, 2012 by Eric Anonymous

this thing looks awesome and i really want to try it out but before i buy it i have a question that maybe someone else writing a review can help me out with. it says the shaft is only 4.5 inches long and my penis flacid is about 4.5 inches long and when im erect its about 7.5 inches long and it says its 1.5 inches wide and my penis is a little over 2 inches wide so i guess my question is will it strech another 3 inches long and almost another inch wide? if someone out there can help answer my question it would be greatly appreciated and maybe my girlfriend and i can reward you wink wink ;)

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Reviewed: Tuesday 03 April, 2012 by danny boy

These take a lot of getting used to getting on, if you are unshaved they are nearly impossible, but take a bit of time and use a bit of lube, cock first the none ball at a time and it is onn and will not slip off. What I like most is they reduce the senstion a bit for both parties. Women come more slowly and say the sheath feels completely different, but I like them best fucking a lad's ass. Last weekend I met a mate and his girlriend we spit roast her and then gave her a double fuck up the ass. I then move on to my 19 year old mate's ass and spent the next 2 hours reaming his tight hole. I came three times and no spunk leaked out, it just worked as more lube when I took the sheath off all three of us ate the cum, I am looking forward to drinking piss from it next time.

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Reviewed: Monday 12 March, 2012 by Anonymous

i purchased this exact sheath from a store in atlanta. Just be patient it will go on. You have to work at it. One reviewer really explained it well how to get it on. After a few times you really get the hang of it. Yes, mine tore at the base as well. The best thing I did was cut off the head so my penis could make it through the top. That is really a good improvement.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 01 November, 2011 by Anonymous

These things are great. I managed to get a split under the ring somehow (still don't know how) but the sensation is unreal. Try stretching the ring to help get your balls in, and watch out if you still have hair down there (can catch and pull). Have shagged in this, and it's like wearing a thicker condom, with an (sometimes useful) associated reduction in sensation. The chicks loved it as less mess ;) Have bought another one from another site, but it is tighter with a small ball sack so will be ordering another from here. Make sure you use a latex conditioner and at least powder the inside as after washing the latex can start sticking to itself.

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Reviewed: Thursday 26 May, 2011 by Her Toy

I agree this thing is tight and it took me forever to get it on the first time. There is a learning curve. In my case, I go head first and then I need to stuff the balls in after. It takes two hands to stretch open the heavy ring around the balls, then you need to hold it close, slip in your head, then (while still stretching it open) use some free fingers and your thumbs to push in your ball sack. I almost always end up with one testicle slipping free, but it will go in eventually. The trick is to hold it open and work everything in at the same time. It is tight around the balls. If you don't like a little (just a little, not a lot) snugness then don't get it. But if you are shopping on this site, you probably don't care. To those who complain it should be looser, I disagree. If it was easier to get on, it would probably come off on its own at a bad time. Then you'd see even more complaints. For the record, I am firmly in the average length camp with (I am told) slightly better than average girth. Once this thing is on, it feels great and can be worn for longer periods of time. A few drops of lube inside is really nice for jerking off. I have never fucked my girl with this on - we prefer bareback. I wear this for solo play and when she is fucking my ass - especially if she has that look that says, "today you are going to get fucked real good." This catches all the come and piss I produce when she is milking, fucking or fisting me. It never leaks and I can fill it (it expands). So far she has not made me drink from it, but last time I cleaned it up she asked "Why did you dump all that out already?" So I know what is coming next time we use it. I would start practicing sucking from it now, except I ripped it against something sharp. The girl is going to think I did this on purpose. She's out of town and I am ordering more, hoping it is here when she gets back. We will need it, because she's told me she misses my ass.

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