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Locking Open Mouth Gag


$39.50 $29.95
Rating: (13 reviews)

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Big Open Mouth Gag: Locking

Keep them open wide with this high-end gag. Quality construction features steel d-ring connectors and a steel locking buckle. The gag enters the mouth 1/2 inch allowing teeth and lips to rest on it. Inside diameter is 1.5 inches. Can be used with or without a lock.

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Reviewed: Friday 16 January, 2015 by Michael McCracken

the wife loves it and knows when i come home friday evening after work she is wear it til monday morning [exceptions to eat].she loves the way its made and made for.she truely feels like a cock sucker now as i have always told her

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Reviewed: Saturday 09 August, 2014 by Baw Cock

I'm more long than thick, but 1.5" is still too small. I like the look and love the concept, but would like to see it with an oval, more mouth like opening, maybe 1 75 wide by 1.5". It would also be nice to have some, restricted, bite compression to let my sub milk my size while I get to fuck gullet as hard, deep and long as I like - w/o the bother of precautionary inhibitions.

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Reviewed: Friday 16 May, 2014 by dom top

i got this gag because i wanted something my sub could wear while i face fucked him so he couldn't quit or use his teeth, but the opening is too small for my cock when i'm hard. disappointing .. if thats what you're hoping to get this for and you have a big dick don't bother.

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Reviewed: Monday 14 April, 2014 by Andrew Davidson

An excellent product. It can be a bit uncomfortable if used for any length of time but I have gotten used to wearing it and proud to do so for my Master. My Master gets great pleasure from using it and likes to show me off wearing it. My Master makes me wear this when he has guests and all his guests make full use of it. As it gives my Master pleasure, then I am satisfied that I am serving him well.

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Reviewed: Saturday 17 August, 2013 by Anonymous

Love this product

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