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KI Rubber Nipple Suckers


KI Rubber Nipple Suckers KI Rubber Nipple Suckers
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So your partner only has one mouth and there are plenty of places on your body where that mouth could go. So when they're busy with one place, let these Kink Industries nipple suckers handle some of the duties. Simply place them over the nipples and squeeze the bulb. The nipple suckers will create a vacuum sensation when placed over the nipples. You can release the bulb and the nipple suckers will stay in place. They are simple, small and discreet -- ideal for at home or on the go. You get a pair of nipple suckers. They measure 2" in height and 1.25" in diameter. They are made of rubber.

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Reviewed: Thursday 29 May, 2014 by Anonymous

These are AMAZING!!! I put ice in them and place them on... So amazing! I use them wet or dry but they work so much better when wet! I leave these on for 10 minutes and my nipples r huge as bulbs and super super sensitive!! I absolutely love these!!! I recently discovered that I could use them in my clit and OH MY GOSH!!!! I can't fucking keep them off!!! Seeing my clit that enlarged turns me on sooooo much and my husband loves how it looks he can't keep his mouth off my clit!!! Oh boy! I'm so wet just thinking about it!!! AMaZING!!!!!

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Reviewed: Monday 14 April, 2014 by jeb davis

Purchased these and not a good deal. They fell off frequently and were used on both Double D and C breasts. Waste of money

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Reviewed: Saturday 14 December, 2013 by EE SS

Bought these and the clear ones. Mistress loved both sets but I put the clear ones on her nipples and used one of these for her clit. OMG !!! She about went through the roof !

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Reviewed: Friday 20 April, 2012 by sunnydale sue

Just got these and really like them. The seem tame at first but the longer they are on the more my nipples ached and more sensitive! Really fun! (caution though... told my boyfriend to rip them off and he did without squeezing them and OH MY GOD! It was intense and holy hell did it hurt.... it was amazing!)

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Reviewed: Tuesday 17 January, 2012 by Mr Sla

Creates a nice little pinch. Wife enjoyed them on her nipples. Weren't effective on the clit. For the price, a good purchase.

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