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Leather and Chain Fetish Vest


Rating: (4 reviews)
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Stimulate the senses with this Leather and Chain Fetish Vest!

Some lingerie items can be very stylish while leaving little to the imagination. The Leather and Chain Fetish Vest is a series of chains connected on leather straps that go over the breasts. Because of the chain's open nature, you can fully show off your breasts to your partner. This item is sized as one-size-fits-most so you should be able to wear it if you fall in the S to L range (see size chart).

Leather and Chain Fetish Vest Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: One-size-fits-most
  • Material: Leather straps with connected chains
  • Open front for easy access to the breasts
  • Makes ideal addition to any fetish wardrobe
  • Note: Bottoms not included

  •     OUT OF STOCK
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    Reviewed: Friday 31 January, 2014 by slave_bonni i am SLRN 166-484-086

    An UPDATE on my slut adventures at this particular Gentlemen's Club. i got a letter in the mail today signed by the Club owner. The good news, i received a thank you and informed my patronage is still welcome. The bad news, my registration and paperwork for dancing was ripped up into small pieces and returned to me. i was told, due to my unwillingness to abide by state and established club rules on total nudity, i will not be allowed on the stage anymore under any circumstance. So, i'd guess my reviews on this have come to a close. i still love my Leather and Chain Fetish Vest and look forward to other opportunities.

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    Reviewed: Monday 27 January, 2014 by slave_bonni i am SLRN 166-484-086

    Where to begin? At the beginning..... As your readers will know from my two previous entries on this XR review page, this was a total surprise by my beloved Master. i am so proud to be owned by Master as his concubine. What makes Master and i so compatable is, as he is so much a dominant voyeur as i am so much a submissive exhibitionist. Because of the freezing temperature here right now, Master instructed me to dress for the weather in vanilla cloths under my three quarter length black leather coat. Like always when i dress vanilla, i wear my rolled steel Turian collar with my Satin Concave slave tag attached (thanks to slave Lorii @ Wyred Slave), my slave bracelet with chain attached to a triskelion medallion on the back of my hand and continuing chain to the ring and naturally my Masters "O" ring as i reviewed on that XR review page. If you didn't know their meaning, you wouldn't know i was a submissive slut slave exhibitionist. Unless you were in the lifestyle, i looked just like any vanilla prissy little slut on the street. After dinner, when back in the warm car while driving through the downtown city, Master instructed me to strip naked and look in the back, i'd find an outfit to put on. As soon as i saw my Leather and Chain Fetish Vest, i smiled, i knew where Master was taking me. i quickly put on my vest, Leather Mini Skirt (i reviewed on that XR page), black thigh boots and removed my bracelet so as soon as Master could find a place to park, Master could padlock my black Leather Locking Wrist Cuffs and matching Leather Locking Collar (i also reviewed on that XR page) and attached my leash. When we walked into the Gentlemen's club and i signed the form at the bar for dancing on amateur night, the manager told me "this time, either put on a G-string or keep my skirt on." It seems the last time i was there, someone talked to the Sheriff's Dept. and the manager and owner were questioned about a dancer getting totally nude in a club that served alcohol. Well, Master doesn't permit me to wear underwear so i guess i have to leave my skirt on. i was instructed by Master to find a table to the right side of and as close to the stage as possible. Master took my coat and stayed slightly behind to watch the reaction of the girls and customers. As i walked through the club with my tits in full view and swinging through the chains, the club dancers who were not new to the club since i was last there in September were excited to see me. Actually, one guy did recognize me and later told me he was one of the guys who i had serviced in another Gentlemen's club when i was wearing the Latex Thigh-High Stockings and Shoulder Gloves (that i also wrote a XR review on last May) while Master got a lap-dance. Too bad i didn't remember him but all told, Master gave me to about eight or ten guys that night for them to play with and use me. No one was permitted to fuck me but could cum on me. i think this guy was hoping for a repeat of that night but this was a different time and place and the temperature was in the high 70's outback then, that was not the case tonight. It was amateur night and as my registration is still valid, somehow i knew this night was going to be fun. Because Master does not allow me to wear underwear, the last time here, well, alright, it was me who got totally nude. It's funny, when i go to a regular dance club, i can wear revealing cloths and flash my cunt, ass and tits but when i go to a strip club, if i'm not on stage, i can't. GO FIGURE THAT ONE.......... It didn't take long for the fun to begin but it was a different crowd this time. Actually, this was a first for me. When i went up to the stage to dance, i expected Master to present my leash to a dancer for her to dominate me. i was dumfounded when another collared and leashed slave who was also there for amateur night approached me being in tow by her Master. My Master unhooked my leash and ordered me to "be her Dom, do to her as you wish done to you". Then, her Master presented her leash to me. OH WOW, i was flattered but i didn't even know this girl, we had never so much as talked. Master knew me, we have a contract we both honor. i didn't even know if this girl was left or right handed. This was a test - for both of us, to test her limits and of my obedience. This is not what i do, i am not a Dominate, i am a submissive, it is what i love, it is my lot in life and my place to pleasure Master and the others he may choose to offer me to for them to use and abuse me, this is what excites me and makes me wet. For me to Dominate another was never a consideration in my mind, it was never a consideration for the contract. This caught me way off guard, i never saw this coming and was totally shocked at what was expected of me. This is my Master's kinky mind at work - i obeyed. When on stage, as (i learned her name was carol) she deep kissed me, caressed and fondled my tits (under the chains of my vest). carol enjoyed my biting her from neck and nipples to her thighs. When she could, she whisper to me she was bi-curious but had never been with a woman before. she had confided her curiosity to her Master and our two Masters had arranged this whole event. With each song, things got more risque'. Several times when bending over and while in a prone position, my cunt and large metal emerald butt plug was for all to see. THEN IT HAPPENED, whoops, my Leather Mini Skirt came off. carol laid under me as i straddled her and whipped her ass with her leash and slapped her tits and face. i did love to spit and drool on her body, face and in her mouth, then lick her off. carol stripped off my leather and chain vest so the customers could better see her suck on my tits. It was as tormenting as it was pleasurable for both of us. our highlight was when we "simulated" a sixty nine. carol rimmed my beautiful emerald asshole and sucked and licked my cunt with a hungry passion. i believe i could have fisted carol's cunt but didn't want to push my luck on stage - maybe next time if there is one. This nearly brought down the house with screaming, hooting and hollering. Except for her collar and shoes, i had totally stripped carol of everything she wore. As well, she had stripped me of all but my boots, collar and cuffs - and my beautiful emerald butt plug. There we stood for all to examine. The other dancers just stopped and watched us with dropped jaws as we broke all the house rules. A couple newer girls really thought we were pros as we sucked on each other, fondled and 'Jilled" ourselves and each other off in front of everyone. And a half hour earlier, i didn't even know her name. carol truly enjoyed this bi-curious and mild BDSM scene. There were no BDSM 'tools' around so i couldn't be as aggressive as Master wanted but both Masters seemed to be pleased with our performance. carol liked the experience enough to do it again. carol and i did another girl-girl set and danced individually. When my skirt was back on, I'd dance and pick it up to flash my cunt and emerald asshole to the customers. The dollars just kept raining onto the stage. After leaving the club, our Masters, carol and i went out for 'breakfast'. With Masters permission, i opted to remain in my Leather and Chain Fetish Vest, Leather Mini Skirt, boots and collar and cuffs i wore in the club. It was cold on my naked cunt and ass but because i was so fucking turned on, i just wanted to expose myself. The cold chains of my vest made my nipples stand up. Our Masters sat in one booth (i'm sure to plan their next event with us) and allowed carol and i to set together in another behind them so we could chat and get to know each other better. we had our share of stares (some foxy women who were either Grade A sluts or the best cock teasers i've seen in years) with envy and a few guys approached us but that's exactly what our Masters wanted. carol was amazed at how brazen i was, setting in public with only this vest on above my waist, but i had my coat at the ready. she was wearing a translucent gauze type top that clearly showed her tits and nipples but she sat with her back to the customers. i was in full view of anyone who looked. When two policemen came in, i slipped my coat on to cover up. No one - customers or employees complained to me, management or the policemen. When we were leaving the restaurant, our Masters ordered carol and i to pay the bills and leave the TIP with our "TIP" money we had earned while dancing. After all the attention i received wearing this Leather and Chain Fetish Vest, both in the Gentlemen's club (from the moment i walked in to when i walked out) and in the restaurant, can i gratefully rate this a TEN? carol would too and i think she'd like one. THANK YOU XR...........

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    Reviewed: Thursday 12 September, 2013 by slave_bonni i am SLRN 166-484-086

    OH BOY ------- Although i wasn't wearing this vest on this trip to the same Gentlemen's club i mentioned in the below review, i just had to come back here to update Master's adventure with me. i thought this might be the right place to offer this update, you be the judge. i was only wearing white thigh boots, white sleeveless undershirt (torn partly down the armpits to reveal my tits from the side) that barely covered my ass and white leather collar with 2 foot leash and matching ankle and wrist cuffs - all are secured by padlocks. my wrist had a 20 inch length of chain attached between each cuff. Master took me back to this same club for his amusement and entertainment - OH, the girls were HOT too. Several of the local dancers remembered me from my servicing them and one even loved my vest so much, she bought the exact same vest for her dance routine. Actually, the very same two girls who wanted me to do a girl - girl routine with them are doing just that with each other now. i didn't know, it WAS amateur night and Master had pre-registered me. We stopped at the bar for my signature before going to a table to watch the dancers. When these two girls were starting their girl - girl routine, Master took me to the stage and presented them with my leash still attached to my collar and a riding crop. It was risque' as management wasn't expecting this kind of girl - girl - girl routine even though it was amateur night. As i'm not allowed to wear underwear, i really thought, being 'amateur', my exposed cunt would be an issue too but the crowd was so excited, hooting and hollering, i think the management was just hoping this routine would drum up more sales. Out of nowhere, a cat O' nine showed up and although it was soft punishment, the girls tied me to the pole by (i think) a shoelace through the chain and gently whipped me, licked me and ate me to orgasm. It was wonderful. Of course, i was ordered by these girls to return the favor of pleasuring them - with no objection. The registration is good for a year, if Master permits me to return within that time, Master has promised me the pleasure of wearing my Leather & Chain Fetish Vest. In the meantime, i sure would like these girls to rehearse a routine with me. When these vests are again in stock, GRAB ONE......... The memories and pleasures of the adventures it will bring you will last longer than the vest itself. i wasn't wearing it this time but it remains a 5 star.

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    Reviewed: Friday 28 December, 2012 by slave_bonni i am SLRN 166-484-086

    Master bought me this vest for Christmas. i couldn't wait to wear it out. Master took me to a Gentleman's club where i was only dressed in this vest under a man's sports coat with stockings and thigh boots. i was instructed by Master to put dollar bills in the dancer's G-string and/or garters and allow the dancer's to fondle me under the opened coat and have their way with me in any way they could under the rules of employment if they so choose. Before long, strangers were leaving dollars on Master's table just to see the scene played out with the different dancer's. Some scene's were pretty hot and i was encouraged by several dancer's to return on amateur night and/or make out an application for being a dancer. Two dancer's wanted to a girl-girl scene with me on stage but customer's are not allowed to go on stage. i will do as Master orders with the hope he decides to return me to this club. i hope your Christmas was as WONDERFUL as mine.

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