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The Walrus Penis


Rating: (18 reviews)

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A nice fat cock like the walrus penis will give you a good stretching whether it's vaginally or anally. The penis is made of high quality jelly rubber and has a realistic cock head and balls at the base. There are ripples and ridges along the shaft to give plenty of stimulation.

The walrus penis measures12.5 inches in total length, 10.75 inches insertable, 4.6 inches in diameter. This product weighs 7lbs.

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Reviewed: Thursday 31 July, 2014 by John Smith

OMG! This is so amazing! I'm sitting right now with my ass in the air and this fat boy fully inserted in my ass. You should see how excited my girlfriend and and were when we got this! We love bondage and pain!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 20 November, 2013 by Arse Pig

I love this monster so much! Now I can get this huge thing all the way in, I am having a ball! It's perfectly designed for maximum stimulation - width and depth. If you're into big experiences, this is the one for you!

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Reviewed: Friday 12 July, 2013 by Anonymous

I ride this like so hard I got it for me. was never able to get it all the way in . my girl came home while I was playing with it one night. she was so cool with it .now I just lay on my back with my legs bent to my head and she rams this in my hole .it is in all the way now that she is driving it in me .she makes me stay there with my legs back and ass open till she is dun with me love it

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Reviewed: Thursday 07 March, 2013 by Anonymous

i was riding this like 45 min a go. my ass is so open now. i love that fealing so took a long time but now im just gowing all the way in and out with this ass buster and i love all of it in me

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Reviewed: Thursday 28 February, 2013 by Anonymous

my girl got this thing for her. that was kool with me then she started on my hole one night after she talked me into it . that is now fisting and the walrus love them both

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