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The Master Suction Cup Huge Dildo


Rating: (46 reviews)

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One look at this huge dildo and you know that they'll have to call you the master once you take in all that it has to offer. With a suction cup base you can place this dildo on any flat surface and give yourself hands free stimulation. You can use both of your hands to help you brace yourself for all of that comfortable PVC rubber that's going right inside of you. Ladies, imagine taking this huge cock inside of your wet, throbbing pussy. Guys, imagine the great stretch your anus will get as you make your way to the bottom of this dildo. This may become a deep, satisfying experience that you won't soon forget.


  • The dildo measures 2.45" in diameter and 12.25" in length.
  • Soft PVC rubber allows it to be comfortable during insertion.
  • The suction cup base means you can attach the dildo to a smooth, flat surface.
  • It has the shape, look and feel of an actual cock complete with balls at the base.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 10 December, 2014 by Shibari Master

    WOW!!! This thing is MASSIVE and will surely satisfy you as much as it did me! I was definitely intimidated at first simply because the thing was so much bigger than anything I had ever used before. I added a bottle of lube to my purchase and I have to say YOU SHOULD TOO! Using a lot of lube is a must with this toy. After some effort, the thing got fully inside me and it hit spots I didn't even know existed! The texture of this toy is excellent and works great for both vaginal and anal fun. Do not buy unless you are prepared to forget about all your other dildo choices! I'm in love!

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    Reviewed: Saturday 27 September, 2014 by Anonymous

    You don't realize how big it really is until you get it. It IS huge. At first, couldn't get it in,then I did and got almost all the way to the base. So close. Best dildo owned. Once you get this,you wont want anything smaller.

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    Reviewed: Friday 26 September, 2014 by Anonymous

    The Master dildo is a great purchase for those who like thick and deep penetration. I enjoy the stretch sensation I get when I squeeze it into my tight ass. Another reason I like this toy is the smooth shaft. It allows me to do some aggressive riding without making my ass sore. If you are looking and ready for the next step up, the Master dildo will give you a new hurdle to jump.

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    Reviewed: Friday 08 August, 2014 by Anonymous

    OMG must have cock in ur collection wife and me take turns and have muiltiple orgasms , when we bought this didn't realize how big it was, wife couldn't wait to strap this on and slide it balls deep inside me WOWOWOW !!!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 09 July, 2014 by Game Time

    If you're looking for something massive then you won't be disappointed. I ordered this for my wife, I wanted to watch her fuck a big dildo but when it arrived and I pulled it out of the e box it was much bigger then I expected. Basically the size of my arm from the elbow down! However it is listed under "Huge Dildo's" so it's not faulse advertising. We had been drinking and fooling around the night it arrived so I decided to break it out and show it to her. My wife said, "OMG that's the biggest thing I've ever seen." Well that was a relief to me. I was pleasantly surprised when she was down for trying it out. Trust me, my wife can handle a lot, but this thing was too much. After a bit of work she managed to get if in a few inches but it just hurt. If I didn't have kids I'd slap it on my bar as an ornament, not sure how anyone can get this all the way in. That said we will bust it out from time to time and play with it a bit. She'll have to be buzzed and high first though. We named it tiny! In the mean time I got her something a little smaller, still big just not huge. Hopefully she will enjoy it. I can't wait to watch her try it out!

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