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The BAM Huge Realistic Dildo


Rating: (39 reviews)

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Care to step up to the plate and see if you handle one of the big boys? The BAM realistic dildo is for those serious adventurers who want to get plenty of cock and pleasure. When you hold the BAM in your hand, you can feel the heft, thickness and size of this realistic cock, which should also tell you that this isn't just some regular dildo. It's been made to look like the actual cock of porn actor BAM. There's a suction cup base, so you can place it against a wall or on the floor for serious hands-free action. Enjoy the challenge of bottoming out on this dildo.

Specifications: The BAM is made from a high quality jelly material. The BAM dildo measures 13" in length and 2.5" in diameter. You'll also get a satin carrying case.

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Reviewed: Saturday 28 March, 2015 by Anonymous


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Reviewed: Friday 27 March, 2015 by Anonymous

I am taking this GOD cock in my ass down to the balls as I type this I cant stop cumming on this cock I never knew my asshole could get wet like a pussy....I LOVE IT!

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Reviewed: Friday 13 March, 2015 by Derantfor Cock

Finally bought Bam, and God it is a great dildo!! Ive have rambone for some time now and take him about 12 inches. I warmed up with rambone and the gave Bam a ride. What a ride it was too!! I buried Bam to the balls and rode him for a hour. I came like a fountain and couldn't resist scooping up my cum and swallowing every bit of it mmmmm!!! Best part was after I took a break and couldn't resist giving Bam another ride. I was still sensitive and the sensation was soooo good. When I inserted Bam and pushed him out the first time on the second round, a huge glob of ass goo came spitting out. Once again I couldn't resist and sucked all of it up off of the floor. God this dildo puts me I to another world. I can't wait for my wife to strap him on and fuck the life out of me. The Bam is definitely the best dildo I own by far. Rambone was great but has taken a backseat to Bam. This dildo is a must have. Buy buy buy!!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 12 November, 2014 by John Kello

Curtis, my advise to you is get on all fours. Mount Bam to something that will allow you to back up all the way until Bam' balls is touching your balls. Here is what you do once you are in position. Of course lube up really good. Stick three fingers in your ass as far up as you can get them. Once you have completed that put four fingers up your ass as far as you can. Then try to put your whole hand up your ass. Your whole hand will not fit up your ass. Just push it in there as far as you can get it. Repeat this process several times at least three times remembering to keep the fingers inside your ass as long as you can constantly pushing to try and penetrate your ass further. Once that is done and on all fours position Bam for penetration into your ass. Start pushing very slowly until the head of Bam is in. Once the head is in don't go any further. Let it sit there for about two minutes. Pull it out and repeat this process two more times. The key is to push back very very slowly. Don't allow the head of Bam to penetrate to fast. That will cause you pain. After the 3rd penetration start backing up very slowly. You will get to a point where you feel pressure and Bam do not want to go any further without a lot of pain. Don't pull it out just let it sit there for a minute or two applying very light pressure push back on Bam. This is a very important step. After about a minute or two your ass will open up on its own and take the rest of Bam inside. I know this seems cumbersome and will take some patients but I guarantee you it will work and you will be on your way to one of the best fucking your man-pussy has ever had. BAM will fuck the shit out of that ass.

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Reviewed: Saturday 27 September, 2014 by Anonymous

Finally after a year of trying and stretching my wife finally took this monster. After a lot of lube and slipped right in. I've never seen her cum so hard and scream so loud. Now it's time to move on up.

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