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The Zeus Electrogasm


The Zeus Electrogasm The Zeus Electrogasm The Zeus Electrogasm The Zeus Electrogasm
$79.95 $63.95
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Would you like to achieve orgasmic pleasure from the inside of your body? No, we're not talking about penetrating yourself with a vibrator or dildo, we're talking about using The Zeus Electrogasm.

When you place the Electrogasm on your favorite erogenous zone (be it clitoris or anus), the electrical sensations that are sent through your skin will cause sensual charges. Those charges will stimulate your sensitive sexual nerve endings and may cause you intense pleasure. The Electrogasm adheres to the body like a tens pad. The back of the pad has an reusable adhesive that will stick almost anywhere. One of the great benefits of using this device is that you'll not only get to choose from 5 intensity levels, but you'll be able to free up your hands to massage and caress yourself on other parts of your body.

The Modes of Stimulation:
  • Mode A (Tapping): Enjoy a sensual e-stim tap-tap-tap on the skin and let it travel through your with intense pleasure.
  • Mode B (Rhythmical Kneading): Like a skilled baker with bread, let the Electrogasm massage you like loving massaging hands.
  • Mode C (Deep Kneading): While Mode B is more on the surface, Mode C proceeds to go beyond the skin tissue, massage you deep inside. You'll feel like you're being sexually fucked from within.
  • Mode D (Pressing): The Electrogasm applies a pulsating press against your skin.
  • Mode E (Continuous Press): Let the Electrogasm apply a consistent press against your skin, not letting up on the enjoyment that you'll feel. In addition, the Electrogasm can be worn underneath clothing. No one has to know how your obtaining that coy little smile all day.

    Specifications: The Electrogasm includes the complete device and 2 tab batteries. The butterfly pad measures 4" in length and 2" in width. Additional batteries can be purchased below.

    Note: The Electrogasm works independently. You do not need any additional items in order to use this product.

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    Customer Reviews

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    5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Lady Evyl Date Added: Wednesday 05 August, 2009  
    h what a nice electrical toy to have. I have the Zeus Beginner tens box at home so when I got this I expected it to be weak in comparison. Not so! It does take a little bit of time to figure out but once you do its great and it really can shock you. I think it goes up 10 increments but 3 or 4 was just dandy for me. I love playing with the different sensations the toy offers. I can't say I got off sexually on it but it certainly is fun to play with so its a keeper for sure! Can't wait to torture subs with it!
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