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The Punishing Bench


The Punishing Bench The Punishing Bench The Punishing Bench
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With this punishing bench, you can put your sub into a doggy position, lock them in and have them ready for receive any and all things that you have prepared. Place your sub over the waist bar to bend them over. They can place their forearms and knees on the comfortable leather padding. Secure them into the bench by locking their wrist and their ankles using the powder-coated steel cuffs. To ensure that they don't move use the nylon straps on the leather pads to keep that part of their body strapped to the bench as well.

Once fully locked in, you can use your favorite impact gear, to give them a good spanking. Maybe you want to approach them from behind and ride them doggy style. Try approaching them from the front (if you're male) and having them take in all of your cock. What you want to do is totally up to you, and all that your sub can do is wait and anticipate.


  • The frame is 36" long, 16" high and made from 1.5" wide steel.
  • The leather comfort pads (for the forearms and knees) are 4" wide and 12" long.
  • The 2" center pole adjusts easily from 21" high (off the ground) to 34" high.
  • Shackles on each corner swivel and the 1.5" wide nylon straps wrap around the forearms and calves for extra security.
  • The distance between the pads is 15 inches, plenty of room for you to stand between their legs and fuck away!
  • This product weighs 36lbs and has a weight limit of up to 400lbs.
  • You must purchase 4 padlocks (sold separately) to securely lock the wrist and ankle cuffs.

You have your choice of two sizes:

  • Small/Medium: Wrist Cuffs (2" in diameter), Ankle Cuffs (3" in diameter)
  • Medium/Large: Wrist Cuffs(2.5" in diameter), Ankle Cuffs (3.5" in diameter)
Note: 80% of our customers choose the medium/large size cuffs. To ensure proper fit, measure (in inches) the length around your wrist with a measuring device. This number is the circumference.

2.5 inch Diameter = 7 7/8 inch circumference
2 inch Diameter = 6 2/8 inch circumference

Shipping Notice: Expedited shipping is not available for this item. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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Customer Reviews

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5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Alan Worley Date Added: Tuesday 08 July, 2014  
I have been straight all of my life, but recently became very curious as to the bondage world. I made onlint contact with a couple, both tops, and offered to be one of their subs. After a short introduction, I was given an over-the-knee spanking by the woman, and the man then put an expanding butt plug in my ass, pumping it up to stretch my asshole. I was led into an interior room where the centerpiece was one of your benches. They bent me over the waist bar and shackled me to the leather knee and elbow pads, then secured the nylon straps so that I could not move. I felt completely helpless, but very excited. First, the man fucked me orally, twice, while the woman fucked my ass with a 10"long, 3" diameter, vibrating strap-on dildo. She gave me a hand job while fucking me to relieve my tension. Then, the man began to talk roughly to me as he strapped my ass with a wide, wet leather strap, followed by him taking me by the ass with his huge cock, twice in an hour and a half. I was let off the bench to be showered by both of them, and begged to be put back on the bench. They secured me again, and took turns fucking my mouth and ass repeatedly over the next 6 or 8 hours. I was exhausted, but the bench never failed me- it was comfortable the entire time. I have been back many times since then for encounters with one or both of them; I always demant to be strapped to this wonderful bench for my oral and ass play. A.W.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Jason Aldridge Date Added: Tuesday 13 August, 2013  
My mistress is a professional Domme- but her dungeon had only a very rough spanking horse, so I bought one of these benches for her to use at her discretion. I was the first to be strapped to it- I am a big guy, but was turned into a whimpering little ggirl while unable to move. She had a couple in for training, and all three took turns spanking, paddling and caning my ass with the understanding that the only way for this to end was for me to be ass-fucked. After a long spanking session, I did so, and was forst taken by the female of the couple using a medium sized strap-on dildo. She was being guided by my mistress, but I was not satisfied. Then, the man took me orally, and then anally four times over two hours with his huge cock. Finally, after another spanking, my mistress gave me a strong fuck while the woman gave me a hand job, and the man fucked my face. The bench performed beautifully- I am a new sub, and was completely helpless while in the cuffs. I would recommend this purchase to anyone- sub or Master. J.A.
3 of 5 Stars! [Rated 3 of 5 Stars!] by Date Added: Saturday 01 June, 2013  
I just got my bench shipped to me in Toronto Canada. I have not been able to assemble it because it came with no bolts. I now have to go to a hardware store to get parts. It looks like it might work but I am hugely disappointed and so is my girlfriend. We had planned a weekend away at the cottage with this and now have to wait to get parts. Oh by the way there was no instructions. I have but with extreme restraints before with success but I am not sure after this if I will ever trust ordering again.

[ Editor's Note: All the hardware should have been included. Please contact customer service to see about having replacement hardware sent to you. ]
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Male Dom Date Added: Sunday 14 April, 2013  
I purchased this Spring 2013 and it arrived prompted, professionally packaged and delivered, and clearly new and expertly hand-made. I had no trouble assembling the bench in about 20 minutes with expected repeat setup/breakdown taking about 10. The bench performed as expected being excellent for putting subs in their place and keeping them there. See your partner's rear spread open in perfect position as never before. Great for making your sub your centerpiece, punishment, sensory deprivation, abandonment, forced sex, toy use, so much more. If you don't have a plan for a scene, lock your sub to this bench and the fire will start from there. Absolutely solid and professional. My favorite sex furniture and best purchase yet. Side note: have not needed the "belly bar" yet, but nice to have it as option. Also, get both sizes of shackles ahead of time if you have multiple subs and partners. If considering this bench, get it, you won't regret it - but your subs will.
1 of 5 Stars! [Rated 1 of 5 Stars!] by Date Added: Thursday 14 March, 2013  
I'm MAD!!! First, this arrived looking as it had already been opened and resealed by a five year old with a massive amount of packaging tape. THEN a dirty used empty baggie falls out with the actual name "Ziploc" on the bag-- never have i assembled anything from a legitmate distributor that used a brand name zip baggie. Apparently the baggie contained the bolts--- but they were scattered throughout the box. There was no instruction manual... but since there are only two bars to assemble not that big of a deal--- However, somehow i have an extra bar that is wider than the bench, with no visible place to put it. and i have one extra screw. It truly does not appear to be that stable considering the only intersecting point (as seen on the picture) are two bars in the middle of the bench. i would feel more secure with a cross bar at each end as well. Even the picture does not demonstrate my extra bar SMH... dont waste your money.... very sorry i did. never expected this from XR!

[ Feedback from the manufacturer: Instructions are in the bag with the bolts and wrenches to assemble it.
I've always used ziplocks since they are pretty tough, I'll get clear no-name bags from my packaging supplier. Used bags are not used.
I do not know if it was an international shipment as customs really does a number on the boxes.
I'll assume it was not and we packed it up as it had arrived. I use a double wall 40x20x8 box that gets stapled and taped on both ends so it does not come apart. Cross tape, and over the top, comes out looking pretty clean, but there is plenty of tape, UPS has destroyed several of my shipments so I do tape the crap out of them.
The instructions describe that the bar he is refering to as the rear or front support bar that he says would be helpfull. It is longer than the width of the bench since it accomidates the fuck rod and the extreme punish bench accessory pole. It has (2) 2 1/2" bolts.
Instructions are put in a bag, then bubble wrapped with the center cross bar, Very odd the bag came out of the bubble wrapped center support, and the bag came apart. no answer for that.
I've attached the instructions we have included in the punish bench for over 5 years now, totally bummed the customer had a bad experience, first one I've heard of with several hundred of these out.
I'd send a support bar to him, but he already has it.
I'll certainally watch the packing process much more carefully. ]
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