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The Jail House Chastity Device


The Jail House Chastity Device The Jail House Chastity Device The Jail House Chastity Device
$145.00 $119.00
Rating: (56 reviews)
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Keep his erection at bay with the Jail House Chastity Device

The power of a chastity device lies in its ability to keep your male partner from achieving a complete erection. The Jail House Chastity Device is designed to make sure that no matter how aroused he gets, he won't be able to obtain that full hard-on that he craves.

There are three rings that come with the Jail House. Choose the ring that will best fit over your cock and balls and lie behind the scrotum. Place your semi-flaccid cock into the chastity device and then bring the chastity and the ring together. Use the included padlock to securely close the two sections together.

Now... feel free to tease him, please him and seduce him. As he gets turned on, the Jail House will keep his cock regulated. It's a stimulating experience that neither you nor him will forget. Make it a part of your bondage collection.

Jail House Chastity Device Contents:

  • (3) Chrome Plated Cock Rings of various inside diameters
  • (1) Chrome Plated Chastity Cage
  • (1) Padlock with two keys

    Jail House Chastity Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (small ring): Measures approx. 1.5" inside diameter
  • Size (med ring): Measures approx. 1.75" inside diameter
  • Size (large ring): Measures approx. 2" inside diameter
  • Size (chastity cage): Measures approx. 3.25" in length, 1.5" in width and 4.5" in circumference
  • Material: Chrome Plated Steel
  • Keeps your male partner from achieving a full, complete erection
  • Use the padlock (included) to securely lock the two pieces together
  • Comes included with a velvet carrying pouch

    XR University: Featured Item

    For more information on this item, and the benefits of chastity play, visit XR University.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 19 November, 2014 by Scott V.

    I have a girlfriend who is really paranoid about me fucking around on her all the time and it's starting to cause problems in our relationship because it gets old fast when your always being accused of something your not doing. I was talking to a friend of mine from school who had the same problem, and he told me he fixed it with one of these devices, at first I thought he was full of shit but then he gave me this website address and told me to check out the Jailhouse, and when I read a review from another guy who was is the same boat as me and how it helped him I started to think maybe there is something to this, so I thought about it for a while and decided to give it a try. My girl and I don't live together, so when the device arrived on Saturday morning I had plenty of time to try it on and check it out before she came over Saturday night, it really was not bad at all! a nice fit and pretty comfortable to wear, this thing was obviously designed by a MALE engineer, I even tried wearing it under my clothes to go get some lunch and almost forgot it was there on the way home. So on Sunday morning I got up, showered and put the Jailhouse on then walked out of the bathroom naked and gave her the keys. She acted like I just gave her a new car! she was thrilled, things have gotten a lot better between us since then, she unlocks me when we're together but leaves me locked until we get home if we go out to the clubs on Mill Ave. It hasn't fixed all of our problems of course, but it did get rid of one of the biggest ones, I know for a fact I am not the only one, but now sit on the student mall sometimes and look around wondering to myself, how many other guys are walking around this campus right now with one of these things locked onto their dicks? I guess, sometimes in life you find the oddest solutions to the most annoying problems, I never would have thought to go this route to fix this problem had I not been told about it by someone who is already doing it, but it does work and truth be told it is sort of fun and definitely comfortable to wear. I recommend giving this one a try for sure!

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    Reviewed: Saturday 08 November, 2014 by John Henry

    I have been wearing this chastity device almost continually for more than a year and a half. I really like it. It is high quality and comfortable with no pinch points. However, I discovered fairly early on that if I am laying on my back and not aroused I can pull my dick out and play. My balls remain trapped of course but I can still misbehave and get off. So for the last year I have been wearing a chain around my waist that runs through the large pin on top. This has kept me quite secure and very happy.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 22 October, 2014 by Adam Smith

    I was never much into the whole chastity thing, I knew of it's existence but was not very interested in it. My girlfriend is smoking hot, one of the hottest women I have ever seen and certainly the hottest one I have ever been with, but when we got together, one of the things about her that annoyed the shit out of me was how clingy and insecure she is, every time I was 10 minutes late to pick her up she would ask who I was fucking or what other bitch's house I was at, she thought that when ever I am not around her I must be fucking some one else, she blows up my phone all day with calls and texts even when she knows I am at work or in class and last semester I was taking an exam and she camped out on the front steps of my frat house because I had turned my phone off during the test. although I am strongly attracted to her physically I had had enough and I suggested we break up, then she brings up chastity locks, I was not too down for the idea but she made me a deal, if I tried it for 1 week and I could fuck her in the back door if I wanted to, so we went to this site and picked out this Jailhouse cage, it arrived, she put it on me and locked it then took the keys, I admit, I was not too crazy about watching her compact my 9 inch dick into this 3 inch cage, but a deal was a deal, if felt a little weird at first, confining yes, but not crushing however, I was surprised at how comfortable it was, how well it fit and how fast I was able to adjust to it, I actually was able to sleep pretty well in it the very first night, and MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE in her behavior!, she actually left me the fuck ALONE! I started getting 1 or 2 calls a day instead of 8 and 3 to 4 texts instead of 30, now I can hit the bars with a few guys from my frat, or hang with my friends, go to tailgates & games without my phone melting or getting a major gilt trip the next time I see her. by my 4th night I was sleeping great and was totally cool with the cage being locked on me all day every day, I did my week and she kept her end of the deal but after we were done she asked if she could put it back on me, I just rolled onto my back, spread my legs and said "lock it up Babe" she is a totally different person it seems like, all the stress and bullshit is gone from our relationship, she has stopped stressing about me screwing every other girl on campus, and I can hang with my friends with no backlash, this thing is easy to hide under clothes, it's very comfortable to wear, she lets me out once or twice a week so we can tear it up and because of that, I have no problem at all when she goes to put me back in it, I mean ya it sucks a little bit that I can't jack off in the shower or stroke my morning wood when I wake up but our sex is great! even better now with all the tension gone so what I have gained more than compensates me for what ever I may have lost, I love this thing it's awesome! it's easy to wear, it fits nice and it's comfortable for what it is, so even if your not into the whole chastity and control "sex slave" thing I recommend one of these things if you just have a clingy girlfriend with trust issues letting her hold onto the keys sweeps a lot of bullshit to the curb so you can just enjoy being with her and not have to deal with all the drama.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 04 September, 2014 by jon havk

    This is an update to my first review, back in May I was locked up in the Jailhouse device by my roommate, and told at that time I was to be Locked-Up for the next 3 or 4 months, and since I was a good boy and did as I was told he decided to let me out after 3 full months of being in lock-down instead of the 4 months he was threatening me with at first. He bent me over, had his fun, then pulled out, rolled me over onto my back and Un-Locked me, it was awesome to be free again but a bit strange at the same time, my Cock had indentation lines in the shaft and on the head from the bars on the cage, even after I jacked off multiple times, the next morning the lines were still very clear, I was however surprised to see there was NO visible wear or damage on the Jailhouse device at all! You have to understand, this thing was Locked onto me in late May and despite my repeated protests was not taken off at all, not even Once! And yet the finish on the device was perfect, no chips or flaking or peeling of the chrome, no cracked welds, once I cleaned it up it looked just as good as the day my roommate took it out of the package, This thing is VERY Well Built and durable! however after a few nights of being free I was beginning to have trouble sleeping, the bar lines were still on my cock but starting to fade, but with my lack of good sleep I began to get cranky and mean my buddy saw this happening and recommended I go back into chastity, so 3 nights ago after a whole afternoon of fun in bed, he rolls me over, climbs on top of me and begins to put my Cock and Balls back in their Jailhouse Cage! I gave him some attitude at first but then as I watched him slowly re-install my cage I began to understand how much I had really grown to Like being locked up in this thing, I mean even though I was empty and spent from the day's fun my dick was getting harder and harder watching him put me back in it, the real eye opener was when he started to put the Cock Cage back on, I was almost fully hard by then and I got so incredibly turned on watching as he slowly shoved all 7 & 1/4 inches of my cock in to this tiny 3 & 1/2 inch Cage then snapped the lock shut! I felt so humiliated and controlled seeing my big cock stuffed into this small cage 1/2 it's size, and I loved it! I have been sleeping like log ever since and I feel great! My roommate says he won't keep me locked up for so long this time since I learned my lesson maybe 1 or 2 months but the Jailhouse is so comfortable to tell the truth, I don't care how long he keeps me locked- up just as long as he puts me right back in once he is done enjoying me. I never thought such a seemingly silly little device would have such a huge impact on me but it has played a major role in changing both my behavior and my attitude and helping me to understand my proper place as both his property and his bitch as well as companion & friend, the Jailhouse Device is Great! I hope he leaves me in it for a long while

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    Reviewed: Saturday 28 June, 2014 by slav toi

    Fantastic device!! Arrived on a Friday after a full body wax and what a way to start the weekend, completely smooth and locked in chastity. Very comfortable was able to actually sleep in it the first night. Looks like I'm going to be in this for a while since it was so easy to adjust to and I told my keyholder i could go more than the original 15 days I agreed to Only two things if they could make a 1 3/4" or 1 7/8" size ring. the 1 1/2" is just too tight and 2" allows a little more expansion than I would like when trying it trys to get erect . And maybe a coated lock so there isn't so much clicking noise when wearing under clothes. Other than that I love it!

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