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The Bird Cage Chastity Device


$149.00 $79.00
Rating: (84 reviews)
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Keep him under your total control with the Bird Cage Chastity Device

The power of an effective chastity device lies in the man's inability to complete his erection. While he's still able to feel aroused, a chastity cage can make sure that his cock is not fully erect. The Bird Cage Chastity Device is a high-quality device that keeps your male partner from obtaining that full erection he may want to achieve while you're teasing and pleasing him.

The Bird Cage comes as two sections: a cock ring that is placed behind the balls and a cage enclosure that will contain the cock. To apply, place the cock-ring portion behind the testicles and then place the cock inside of the enclosure. Place the two sections together and close them using the included lock and key.

With your partner in this situation, watch as he wants to get fully erect but is prevented by the cage. There is a hole at the end of the cage for urination. By wanting to obtain the full erection, your male partner will be at your total control.

Bird Cage Chastity Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (Medium) - (Cock Ring): 1.75" inside diameter; (Cock Cage): 6" total length and 5.5" in circumference
  • Size (Large) - (Cock Ring): 2" inside diameter; (Cock Cage): 6" in total length and 5.5" in circumference
  • Material: Chrome-plated Steel
  • Keeps your male partner from obtaining a full, complete erection
  • Comes in 2 sections: a cock ring that goes behind the balls and a cage enclosure for the cock
  • Includes a lock and keys
  • Comes with a handy carrying pouch for easy transport

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Thursday 23 October, 2014 by Dave The Rave

    I bought one of these a few years ago mainly as play since I am unattached. I have not worn it overnight, though. The fit is real good and works with most lubes. Ironically, my doctor said not to masturbate prior to a blood test - PSA levels. "Keep the train in the station." I actually laughed. I bet he would have fell over if I woukd have told him I wear a device.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 23 August, 2014 by John dayhoff

    I bought this as part of the overstock deal. My girlfriend and i tried the leather gates of hell, but it was too small for my member. So we looked into anything bigger, and got this. Its perfect. Theres no way it can come off, without major ball discomfort, and the cage is plenty long enough. It hides well under clothes as well, and with the head swelling through the cage, the rub on the clothes actually makes another sensation. Only complaint i have is my balls themselves tend to be high and tight, so it does put pressure one them, but nothing that isnt fun. Id reccomend for sure.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 11 June, 2014 by bad jon

    I was not at all into the whole chastity lifestyle in any way but I am very happy with this device, "Well, at least Now I am" although I have tried many times with many different lubes and oils I can NOT get this thing off! " to be clear, Locking up my Cock and Balls was not originally my idea," I passed out after 6 hours of hard fucking and woke up the next morning locked up! then he tells me the he knows I fucked his cousin when he was visiting "oops" It has my balls tightly trapped the cage curves down at sort of a steep angle keeping my cock tucked tightly between my balls so it is undetectable under clothes I have gone to family gatherings freeballing in gym shorts and no one noticed a thing, I am a top and I like to jack off normally 2 or 3 times a day with that being taken away I am going Nuts I have such a huge load built up and he wouldn't let me out I have been locked up for 2 months now and he has been fucking my ass 3 to 5 times a week but not letting me cum my cock swells against the side of the cage but it does not budge and I can get no stimulation at all, I can feel is his cock thrusting in and out of me I was not real happy with him attempting to transform me into a bottom but then I thought about my own behavior and thought, I probably deserve this anyway, besides the bird cage is rather surprisingly comfortable to wear even long term I have read many complaints about other devices saying you have to get "Used" to them or not recommended for long term wear, but this thing, I was locked into it with no warning or discussion at all and have been in it 24/7 since and now I barely even notice it when I'm dressed, despite the fact I rather resent having my cock and balls locked away, that was my feeling at least until this past weekend, he finally let me out for one night as soon as he unlocked me I pinned him to the mattress and mounted him, the sex was Amazing! better than I had ever had! so deep and so primal all I wanted in the world at that moment was to be naked with him forever! when it was all over I was exhausted euphoric and totally spent lying face down on the bed when he rolled me over onto my back and spread my legs and began to put the cage back on me, I just watched and offered no objection at all, there was a part of me that actually Wanted it back on me I even let out a slight moan of pleasure when he snapped the lock in place he then smiled at me lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and up my ass he went! I would have never thought something like this bird cage lock would make such a huge impact on my relationship but it has, our connection is stronger the sex is incredible and now he totally trusts he, I hope he never gives me the keys! I am still not real crazy about being filled with cum several times a week while my own cock stays in lock down, but as far as I can see the "Pros" to this device FAR out weigh any "cons " there may be!

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    Reviewed: Monday 07 April, 2014 by Anonymous

    Good idea but poorly executed and constructed. If you're into the "pain play" it's fun getting in and out of this device. The prongs are misfitted and may come slightly warped like the one I purchased, making closure a pinch and potentially a piercing. The bars are great in theory and are fun in restraint, but the solders/welds on this are very poorly done and all but guaranteed to break. A weld point broke after only six months of moderate use since the time I purchased mine. Very disappointed in the poor construction and short longevity of the device. Should note to anyone wishing to purchase this device there is no warrantee on this as it's a device that comes in direct body contact with genitalia. Sad to say there is no manufacturer's warrantee available either.[ Editor's Note: Actually we warranty everything we sell to be free of defects for the first 30 days of ownership. If anything appears amiss up to 30 days after the product arrived you can contact customer service for a free replacement. Of course we wouldn't cover defects that appeared after 6 months.

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    Reviewed: Monday 17 March, 2014 by Anonymous

    So I've been wearing this off and on for almost a year now. When we role play she teases like crazy and I can't budge in it. She's even mounted me and stuck my caged member in her pussy. The best part is she can attach a leash to the metal bars and pull me around. Also it works well with a strapon. There is a little pressure when she is riding me hard (she is riding the strapon) because the cage hits the dildo and then she crushes it. But great teasing. I've taken it off, 4 times since I got it. She's gagged me and rode my face. I've even gotten her to go down on a girl while I watched all caged up. This has definitely improved my sex life. Can't wait till I get to pound her again.

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