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The Asylum Chastity Device


The Asylum Chastity Device The Asylum Chastity Device
$125.00 $98.00
Rating: (8 reviews)
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The Asylum Chastity Device offers a chance to keep your man from obtaining a full erection

Imagine having your male partner under your total control, to the point where you can arouse him but he wouldn't be able to obtain a full, complete erection. The Asylum Chastity Brace is designed to make sure he doesn't achieve a full erection.

To use, simple place his cock into the cage and close the base ring around his balls. There's an included lock and key to keep things completely secure. The removable urethral insert has a threaded screw-in base and a cum-thru hole for long-term wear. The stainless steel material is non-porous, hygienic, easy to sterilize, temperature resistant, impact resistant, and offers long-term value.

Asylum Chastity Device Set:

  • (1) 4-ring or 6-ring cock cage
  • (1) base ring
  • (1) removable plug
  • (1) comfort hinge tube
  • (1) lock
  • (3) keys

    Asylum Chastity Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (Small/Medium): Cage: 4 inches in length, 1.3 inches in diameter; Urethral spout: 2 inches insertable length, 0.25 inches in diameter; Ring: 1.75 inches in diameter
  • Size (Medium/Large): Cage: 6 inches in total length, 1.3 inches in diameter: Urethral spout: 3 inches insertable length, 0.25 inches in diam eter; Ring: 1.95 inches in diameter
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Keeps your male partner from obtaining a full, complete erection
  • Features a cum-thru hole for long-term wear


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  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Friday 18 July, 2014 by Anonymous

    Ok, I can agree with the reviews to an extent, at least in that the first few times that I had it on, it was quite secure AND it was easier to put on than the CB3000 or CB6000 (I have both). Additionally, whatever the metal is for this chastity device, it does not irritate my balls like the CB series did (at the hinge). Now, with that said, the CB3000 AND the CB6000 came apart, the parts were not interchangeable, so, I bought this one. The problem is though, that this one also has come apart (at the hinge that goes under the balls) and does not seem to want to go back together. I don't know if this was designed this way or if a pin broke or what, but, it seems like it could potentially be secured in this condition if it were able to fit around everything as it should. Additionally, the sound tube actually cut my urethra, so, do be careful with it and if you do happen to cut yourself, ensure that you drink plenty of fluids and avoid sodium until things heal up or the little clittie could end up spitting blood for a few weeks.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 24 May, 2014 by Anonymous

    I debated for awhile, but WOW this is great. Wear it 24/7 and no one knows. Feels good and does excite those that know. Just do it, you will like it

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    Reviewed: Friday 04 April, 2014 by Anonymous

    Just got this device, 4 ring one. Took a bit to get it on, but once it was locked on it felt great. The urethral tube gives it a great sensation. Hightly recommend this little gem.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 23 January, 2014 by Anonymous

    Definitely a 5 star product. I have it on as I write this and find it very comfortable. The urethral insert is wonderful. My wife loves to tease me in this and keeps the keys hidden so I never know when she is going to take it off. We've gone out quite often with me caged and it gets us both very worked up. Love it. She plans on keeping it on me as much as possible.

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    Reviewed: Monday 16 September, 2013 by slave jon (lockmeinchastity)

    I have this device the (small) 4 ring device. It is very secure. The first time I was locked in it, I was slipped out of the cage 1 time, but was punished for doing so immediately. After a few days of continuous wear, and the cum build in my balls started, its been impossible to pull out of all together. The steel urethra tube really makes for an interesting time while it is in, I have though about redesigning the tube so it can also be locked on. Cleaning and hygiene are of no concern with this device. I do recommend getting some surgical tubing to put around the hinge, which prevents any and all pinching. to date I have been locked up for 87 days. the only pain I have is the pain associated with being teased and denied for so long, and not being able to achieve a complete erection. the 4 ring cage gives me no room to expand, and when it does get erect, the steel bars leave an interesting indentation around my cock, which when I am used, creates a unique sensation for my Mistress. I recommend this device to any and all chastity wearers and keyholders....

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