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The Prostate Health Vibrating Massager



The Prostate Health Massager is a vibrating toy for men that helps them to relax their prostate gland and sphincter muscles, which can not only result in more stimulating anal play, but it's good for health reasons. The Prostate Health is specifically curved to work with the man's rectum. The bulbous head, while vibrating will massage the prostate and show the man how to relax those muscles. The male prostate (known as the P-Spot) when stimulated correctly can result in more intense orgasms.

Specifications: The Prostate Health is made of high quality silicone material and can be boiled and bleached. It features an ergonomic base with a thumb grip for a comfortable hold and a removable bullet vibrator. It measures 4.5" in total length and 1" in diameter.

Why Tantus Silicone?

  • Tantus Silicone is the most reliable, safe, health-smart soft material used for toys. Tantus Silicone toys are made of 100 percent ultra-premium platinum quality silicone. They not only get home alive, but with a little care they can last a lifetime. You can be assured that a toy from Tantus Silicone is a toy that is safe to be used!

  • Tantus Silicone is hygienic. No open pores to harbor bacteria.

  • Tantus Silicone is hypoallergenic. It has no reaction to chemistry of the body, 100 percent silicone toys are completely inert. They do not alter pH balance, or cause a reaction to the body's natural chemistry.

  • Tantus Silicone is phthalate free.

  • Tantus Silicone is easy to clean. Silicone can be boiled or bleached; they are even dishwasher safe. We recommend antibacterial dishwashing soap. Our toys are completely safe up to 600 degrees fahrenheit.

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