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The Metal Spreader Anal Lock


The Metal Spreader Anal Lock The Metal Spreader Anal Lock The Metal Spreader Anal Lock
$300.00 $169.00
Rating: (14 reviews)

Add a new dimension to anal play with the Anal Lock

There have been anal plugs; plugs that insert into the anus and offer a visual appeal in addition to the stimulation. The Anal Lock creates a new dimension in anal play. When inserted, the wearer can feel the metal travel every inch of the cavity. Once fully inserted, a simple push of the back portion of the plug causes the inserted portion to expand.

Once expanded, the plug can then be secured with the included lock and key and control of the wearer's most sensitive of areas is handed to his/her partner. The bar handle on the plug allows for firm grip and gives you a chance to manipulate the plug at your desire.

The Anal Lock Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 5.63 inch overall length, 2.25 inch long expandable bulb, Collapsed Bulb has 1.8 inch max insertable diameter (5.5" in circumference), Expanded Bulb has 2.58 inch max insertable diameter (8" in circumference)
  • Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, rubber
  • Use the lock and key to keep the fully expanded plug in place
  • The bar handle allows for easy grip and manipulation of plug's position

  • If to be used other than novelty purposes, a condom should be used over the device for smooth entry.


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    Reviewed: Sunday 12 April, 2015 by Catie Cocksucker

    My master got this for me when I first started with him, 3 weeks ago, I was pretty new to vaginal play, instead of just fucking, my master would lock me in place, and hold me tight. He would hold a vibrator to my clit and fuck my ass. Every time I tried to move it would pull my pussy apart. Last week he would lock the plug in my ass and hide the keys around his house. Every hour it took me to find them he would add another piece of gear, first it was a gag, then it was a collar, then it was nipple clamps, then a vibrator belt, then a corset, then ballet heel. Once I passed 6 hours he would put a blindfold on me. Last night I found it in a jar of peanut butter, after 10 hours.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 07 March, 2015 by Slut Master

    This should be called a P***y Lock! Using in the ass is ok, but I've never had a better device to humiliate and control my wife than this device. My new favorite thing to do (and really get in her head) is to make her insert and spread it herself (usually with the encouragement of the paddle). To watch the look on her face as she locks it in her p***y knowing I will now have complete control over her is breath taking. Most recently I have used it as a part of our vibration training sessions, I make her put it in and lock it to the chain that secures her to the floor. She is then in the perfect position to line up any number of vibrators, and if she tries to pull away it will just stretch her to the max. I recently put her on a 12 day training ritual where she gets attached to the vibrator for 5 minutes the first day and then 5 more minutes each day after (making the 12th day a full hour). I got this cool timer for christmas lights and set it for one minute on and then one minute off (I don't think she could do it straight longer than 10-15 minutes). Watching her writhe trying to pull off the vibrator and stretching her p***y ever time she tried was sensational (not to mention the dangling nipple weights swaying around). But the best moment of all was on day 12 when she got to the 60 minutes and I started the timer again. She confessed to cuming at least 10 times but I think it was 20. She knows as long as she never refuses to put in the pear (thats what we call it), she wont have to do more than an hour - and now I don't even have to whip her to get it in :-). If you want your wife to submit, this is the device for you!

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    Reviewed: Friday 26 December, 2014 by Dr\'s Sub Wife

    A few months ago, while the kids were with grandparents for the weekend, my husband and I started one of our sessions. He tied me bent over the end of our bed with my mouth gagged and legs spread wide. As he f***** my p**** from behind I felt pressure at my back door. All of a sudden I was being stretched wide open and heard a click. As I screamed into the ball gag, he said: "your a** is mine and it will be plugged for the weekend". After he untied me I tried to remove it, but it was stuck in place. I thought for sure he would remove it before our dinner date, but to my surprise he attached a small bell and ordered me to go without panties under my skirt. I can't say that I loved having my a** plugged while out in public, but being dominated by my husband without others knowing makes my p**** drip. I would highly recommend this bondage toy, but be prepared to be a "Bondage Toy" yourself.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 06 August, 2013 by Anonymous

    Works very well and is seriously good fun. But nobody is the same, one size does not fit all. Simply got a colleague with a lathe to machine four different versions of the small screw-on component which opens the buds down from 100% supplied in four intervals to 50% of diameter. Worked like a dream and is now future proof. Pity the makers of the device do not have such foresight. Once done this would knock the spots of the competition and will suit all sizes and all complaints about having steel fingers would disappear overnight.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 04 August, 2013 by Hot Pussy Owner

    These work great in cunts as well... So I wanted to upgrade my subbies collar to a heavier metal one last week, she point blank refused, I told her there would be a penalty and I would find something else that locked to work instead. The so called Anal Lock is perfect! Last Friday once we were in bed, I slipped it into her tight pussy and before she could complain pushed it open and locked it shut. She ran into the bathroom, but try as she might she could not eject it. She complained mightily, but since I had made sure that the key wasn't around, there was nothing either of us could do. So I pushed a ball gag into her mouth to stop the whining and told her to get to sleep. As it turns out she can pee in it just fine as well, by Saturday morning she had accepted her new collar and surrendered to me. A couple of sessions with the Hitachi vibrator pressed against her love button made sure of it. To complete her humiliation I had her put on her short leather skirt with no panties, then I hung a cat bell from the lock on her pussy. Where ever she went with me in the mall that day she rang out loud and clear. Now it's Sunday evening and she is kneeling on the floor in front of me sucking me off while I write this review. I've told her if she does a really good job I might unlock her new collar before she goes to work tomorrow. But since I mostly fuck her in the face or the ass it might just stay on for ever.

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