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Inflatable & Vibrating Butt Plug


Inflatable & Vibrating Butt Plug
Inflatable & Vibrating Butt Plug Inflatable & Vibrating Butt Plug
$34.00 $31.95
Rating: (57 reviews)
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Great Anal Vibrator!

This one does it all! A manageable size for most when deflated, when expanded it provides a great stretch. Deflated, it measures 4 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Yet when inflated it grows to almost 3 inches in diameter. This rubber plug also incorporates a multi-speed vibrator.

Use with caution because over inflation can stretch muscle tissue.

This item requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

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Customer Reviews

Viewing 5 of 57 Reviews
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Arianna Ortega Date Added: Thursday 26 June, 2014  
Finally in... my husband couldn't wait to put this in my ass. All I can say is, "once inflated, he had me in total submission". Hubby had me in all sorts of positions and hand me walking around the house naked wearing stripper heels with it inside me and vibrating and also had a vibrating dildo in my wet pussy. I was able to get up to 4 pumps standing up and about 8 when I'm lay down or squatting. I was begging sooooooo damn much I even started to cry and my knees started to give way. This is a toy for the collection. MUST HAVE MUST HAVE MUST HAVE
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Double Fun Date Added: Monday 10 February, 2014  
We now own 2 of these and it gets really fun. I put one in my ass and the gf puts the other in her ass....then we swap pumps....that's when it gets interesting! At times we end up testing each other to see who can take the most pumps. We have even used this set up while sitting watching tv, using them like a drinking game...except instead of taking a shot we get to give the other person one pump.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Date Added: Thursday 05 September, 2013  
OMG!!! I wish we had this 20 years ago. I introduced her too it two weeks ago, she moaned so long, so loud, and so steady I thought the neighbors were going to call the police. Thinking that it was a "one time event" we used it a second time. And again her reaction was more than enthusiastic. I give this 11 out of 10 stars! I sense more purchase from your store!
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Date Added: Saturday 24 August, 2013  
OMG I loved this toy!!! I started getting into anal after a boyfriend introduced me, and I swear I prefer anal over vaginal any day. I wanted to push the experience and this definitely does the trick! I don't have anything bad to say about the toy, but I would recommend following the tips about care from some of the reviews. I liked the idea about placing a condom on the toy and securing it with a rubber band. This will allow for easy clean up and protect the latex from wear and tear and the harshness of some cleaners or water. Also, I wish there was a way to detach the pump just so it would be more partner friendly when playing around, but I wouldn't use that as an excuse not to purchase it. Again, great toy!
4 of 5 Stars! [Rated 4 of 5 Stars!] by Double Delicious Date Added: Friday 05 July, 2013  
Sounds great, but also sounds like its got an issue with popping

[ Editor's Note: All inflatable products will pop if pumped enough. We do however pull some production runs if they turn out to have unusually weak points. Our 30 day warranty is your friend. If it does fail on you in the first 30 days after it arrives we'll gladly send a replacement. Too many replacements and we QC the whole inventory. ]
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