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Latex Crotchless Panties


Rating: (3 reviews)

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Sure, your partner might love the look of you in sexy latex panties, but if they enjoy that view and still want to access your most sexual of places the crotchless aspect of these panties make it enjoyable for the both of you. Imagine being bent over and your partner pounding you while getting a great visual of your ass in latex underwear?

Specifications: These panties are made of a high quality, comfortable latex material. They are labeled as one-size-fits-most, which typically means women who can fit into the small to large range of garments. It is also recommended that talc powder be used for a more comfortable fit.


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Reviewed: Monday 01 August, 2011 by Storm & Kit

As a Dom I enjoyed the effect this had on my sub. Not only did it give me easy access to her but I also enjoyed the way it molded her ass under her clothes. Aside from a little pinching she found them very teasing.

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Reviewed: Thursday 27 January, 2011 by Anonymous

Love the Panties!!! Proved to tease my partner very well and was comfortable at the same time. I can say this through when I took it out of the package it look extremely big, but I decided to try them on an to my suprise they fit. So I going to say this if small dont let the way they look fool you; you will be very surprised.

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Reviewed: Friday 30 April, 2010 by chris humes

very nice product :) a little hard to figure out back from front at first but other that that very comfy and good fit.

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