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Anal Intruder Cockring


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$69.95 $49.95
Rating: (85 reviews)
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The Anal Intruder Cock Ring is a unique device that not only keeps your cock stiff, but also keeps your ass stuffed. The stainless steel cock ring, with 2" inside diameter and 2.75" outside diameter, secures like a regular cock ring to keep him hard, while the 1.25" inch wide chrome plated steel ball penetrates his ass hole with an insertable length of 1.2". While wearing this device and moving around, you will feel the anal intruder moving inside you. It's not going anywhere. Try it while fucking for a truly orgasmic experience.


"your cock looks delicious like that, slave." My cock and balls are trapped in the Anal Intruder Cock Ring, with the steel ball placed up my ass as i clean the kitchen floor. Mistress is lounging on the couch with Her evening coffee, naked. When it's caffeinated, i know i'm in for a long and intense night. When it's not, i don't even know if I'll be allowed to cum. As I think this, she pours creamer into her coffee and it spills, dripping casually between her breasts. "Come over here and clean this up," She commands. i crawl towards the couch, gasping with each movement of my knees as the steel ball brushes against my prostate. my package feels tight with need in the ring, and i can only hope that She'll let me touch it. Or better yet, touch it Herself. She lets me lick the cream up between Her glorious breasts, and then proceeds to push my head down into Her crotch. i lick and suck, thrusting into the air so that the ball keeps hitting that sweet spot inside me, until She finally pulls my head up by my hair. "Don't make Me cum yet, slave. We have a long night ahead of us." Caffeinated, then. She grabs my cock and i stop thinking.

Anal Intruder Cockring Specs and Benefits:

  • Sizing: 5.75 inch overall length, Ring has 2.05 inch inner diameter, Anal Ball is 1.25 inches in diameter, with 2.25 inch insertable length (including stem), Bridge between cock ring and anal insert is 2.88 inches long
  • Material: Stainless Steel (Ring and Bar); Chrome Plated Steel (Ball)
  • As a cock ring, it will help him maintain a longer-lasting and harder erection
  • As an anal plug, he'll enjoy anal stimulation with each thrust and movement during sex

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    Viewing 5 of 85 Reviews

    Reviewed: Tuesday 24 March, 2015 by Anonymous

    Quality item, well made, like the cock ring. I do not think this was made for taller, bigger guys. The bridge is too short for me, it is not long enough to have my cock and balls in the ring and the ball inserted in my ass.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 14 March, 2015 by Anonymous

    This is a fabulous item. When my woman touches my erect cock and I get a little bit harder, it pulls on the cock ring part, which pulls on the ball in my ass. This stimulates me all by itself, which makes my cock even harder, which pulls............. This is a fabulous item. The ball is ALMOST too large for me, but is comfortable once it is inside.

    Was this review helpful? 7   2

    Reviewed: Sunday 08 March, 2015 by Anonymous

    I bought this for my pet and I. We were very excited to try this cockring and were anticipating great fun and punishment potential; however, the distance between the ring and the ball is far to short. Once it was on my pets very hard cock, we could not insert the ball in his ass. I'm sure that this product is great for some, we just wanted to let people know that it's not for everyone.

    Was this review helpful? 3   4

    Reviewed: Tuesday 24 February, 2015 by Anonymous

    Thanks ER for the fast delivery. Length and size perfect, keeps pressure on the prostate and works the pelvic floor. Easy to sit and be normal! Other 1 we have (double balls) is to long from sack to anus. Wife loves the combined look (25mm pa 0gauge), once erect it just doesn't go down :-)

    Was this review helpful? 3   1

    Reviewed: Thursday 12 February, 2015 by Restore Dude

    I've had this bad boy for about 2 months. When I got it, I couldn't wait to try it out. It's pretty easy to put it on (or in)! Just the insertion made me cum a little. I thought that was because of the excitement of having a new toy but I cum every time I put it on (which is very often). I wore it to the grocery store the day I got it and by the time I got back to my car I had a wet spot in the crotch area from the cum dripping. I don't wear underwear so I had to hide it with my shirt. While walking around, every step causes the ball to rub against the prostrate and that makes my cock constantly drip (and I wasn't even halfway hard). I wear it all the time and always end up wet. My ONLY negative is I wish I would have ordered the larger ball. The one it comes with isn't quite big enough for my ass.

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